Reveal: Meet My Hermès Himalayan Holy Grail Treasure

It’s the 24th of December and I’m writing this from somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. My only work related obligation during this family holiday cruise is to write this Hermès bag reveal. It’s the very special bag that Mr. PurseBop and I flew to pick up in New York City on Super Bowl Sunday, February 12, 2023.

As I sit here in the stern of the ship alone – I literally had to whisk myself away – I am reflecting on what an incredible year 2023 has been. Both professionally and personally. And now, ending the year with family from all over the world on a glorious ship, is the icing on the cake.

But I will not digress too far. Rather, let me take you back to that crisp cold morning in February.

We took the 6 AM flight Sunday morning hoping to be able to turn around in time to watch the Super Bowl. That was Mr. PurseBop’s only condition. He was in complete agreement that this offer was too special to simply be shipped. Not even Ferrari shipping was sufficient for the rare treasure being offered. It deserved an in-person unveiling and to be hand carried home.

6am AA flight to LGA on February 12th.

LGA airport view of the city.

We waited at a nearby coffee shop for the clock to strike 11am.

We were told this bag was one of only three coming to the United States. Apparently it was also only allocated to the Madison Avenue store. The bag was commissioned for the new boutique opening in September 2022, but arrived several months late.

To say it was my good fortune to be considered for this rare piece, is an understatement. In fact, that morning, the lovely leather manager explained that this bag was far more rare than its Birkin and Kelly counterparts. She was unsure of the global production quantities but made sure I knew what a special piece we had.

Perhaps there aren’t words that can adequately express the joy I felt. The reel I posted that day evinces some of the elation. But even that does not fully capture the emotions of the day.

When my sales associate called us on Friday with news of this special opportunity, she knew we would want to do it in person. Together. The store was open for only a handful of VIP appointments on that Sunday in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Despite the potential conflict with the Super Bowl, Mr. PurseBop was on board. My 2023 VD gift will surely stand out forever.

At this point, I think I need to just interrupt and tell you what it is. I’m pretty sure you’re all likely scrolling down to see the photos right about now, LOL. 

Introducing my current Holy Grail bag: the new Hermès Constance 1-24 in matte white Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile with palladium hardware. 

My Hermès fairy was sweet enough to come in early at 11 AM before the event started to accommodate our return flight back to Chicago. She met us at the door. After warm embraces, we headed straight up to the fourth floor where she uncorked and served us champagne.

Believe it or not, and it happens rarely, I was caught speechless. I’m known to be all about the oohs and aahs and all the dramatics. This time, however, I was unusually calm, somewhat pensive; maybe the word I’m looking for, is humbled. It was the entire circumstance: Mr. Pursebop with me, waking up so early, catching the first flight, arriving at the store before anybody else was there… and then to be standing here moments before the unboxing. Rather surreal in every way.

We made our way to the pretty room at the back of the 4th floor where we sat and chatted with the sealed box sitting before us sipping champagne. It was the first piece to arrive to the store, and I felt honored that it had not been opened yet. The paper seal was intact with its cites paperwork affixed to the cover.

Over the 10 years of PurseBop, I’ve written about many people receiving beautiful Himalayan offers, even written extensive guides and Q&A ‘s with proud Himalayan owners. Learning about these special creations was a joy, one I was happy to share with the PurseBop community. Now was my turn to join that exclusive club, and with a piece, so rare and special.

As she began to unbox with gloved hands, Mr. Pursebop and I were sitting opposite to her. I internally giggled at the crumpled white paper inside the sealed box, imagining the most glorious Himalayan bag being tucked away in less than pristine paper, but it was irrelevant. I guess you’ll need to see the reels I share on @pursebop to grasp this detail. 

My eyes were peeled, waiting to catch that first glimpse. The Constance was triple wrapped in felt. I could see the sides meticulously crafted with the colors of the Himalayan mountains. Yet to come into view was that centre of matte white… and then there it was. So beautiful, such a bright white. Perfection in every way.

My sales associate opened the bag to reveal the little mirror, showed us the interior, and then snapped it back up before handing it over gently like a newborn baby. I was speechless, literally. Mr. PurseBop perhaps was more vocal than I, for once. He’s very invested in our Hermès journey at this point and takes great interest. And, as readers know, my sales associate and Mr. PurseBop have secretly colluded on many occasions. 

Mr PurseBop took the Constance first to admire its sublime beauty.

We talked more about Himalayan skin bags in general and I did ask one question. “Would this preclude me from any future Himalayan Birkin or Kelly?” She replied, with a soft giggle “absolutely not“, adding that she was really pleased that this special piece is coming to you as it won’t be one that you will find anyone carrying anywhere”.

Then, near the register where Mr. PurseBop was taking care of the necessities, we chatted with the leather manager. She reiterated how special a piece this was and how she had hoped that these would arrive for the store opening but were just coming in now. Our excitement was pretty contagious.

My sales associate taking us to the terrace.

My SA takes us out to the terrace.

Heading out to the terrace, we took photos to commemorate this special day. ❤️ My sweet sales associate insisted on a full and extensive photo shoot. 

Precious cargo.

There’s more to this holiday reveal but I’ll get to that another day. Forgive me, but my family will disown me if I don’t partake in the exciting cruise activities. I will pick up here in a few days to complete the story. Consider this the first chapter.

My heart is full, for many reasons including each of you that share this journey with me. We all (23 of us in total) wish your family love and happiness. May your days be drenched in joy and togetherness because in the end, that’s all that really matters.

Your PurseBop

Published: December 25th, 2023
Updated: January 18th, 2024

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