US Hermès Price Increase 2023 – Here are the New Prices

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New Confirmed Hermès Prices in Europe 2024


The much-discussed and highly anticipated Hermès price increase for 2023 has officially landed. If you’ve had your heart set on a Birkin, Kelly, or Constance lately, be prepared to shell out around anything from 3% to 10% more today compared to the rates of last year. 

However, that’s not all. Lovers of all things ‘orange boxed’ should anticipate more substantial price tags across the entire Hermès spectrum. From its coveted bags, and fine and fashion jewelry, and to the range of scarves, homeware, footwear, and beyond. Of course, we’ll be zeroing in on the nitty-gritty of price alterations for the most coveted Hermès bags. 

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What Sparked the Latest Price Increase at Hermès?

During the unveiling of its Q3 2022 Financial Results, Hermès announced that it would increase prices by 5 to 10 percent in 2023. The stated justifications for this strategic move were mounting costs and unpredictable shifts in currency valuations. However, to some extent, the move came as no surprise. Hermès aficionados are well aware of the annual increases; particularly, as this followed a period where Hermès actively held back on hefty hikes during the throes of Covid lockdowns. This latest price increase certainly rocks the European market more significantly than the United States. However, U.S. consumers are likely to witness price revisions around the 2-10% mark – with perhaps some higher.

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Simultaneously, while inflation has certainly been causing turbulence across the global luxury markets, Hermès has been basking in record-breaking sales and earnings. Consequently, the brand’s sales have increased by 23% in 2022 – a feat that surpassed analysts’ projections twofold.

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Even though Asia contributed nearly half of the revenue, the spotlight fell on the US, where the growth, in terms of percentage, was most pronounced. Hermès has defied the predictions that the appetite for top-tier luxury bags would cool down after the post-pandemic surge. As a result, Hermès has since made strategic investments by recruiting additional artisans and expanding its workforce by a remarkable 1600 people through 2022. Echoing this sentiment, according to Reuters, Eric Du Halgouët, the finance chief of Hermès, said during a call with reporters that, “for the moment, we don’t see any slow down in any of our markets.” 

2023 Hermès Price Update in the United States: New Bag Prices

It came as no surprise that the moment the Hermès 2023 price increase took effect in Europe, speculation about the corresponding percentage hikes in the U.S. emerged. Thankfully, the outcome of this latest price adjustment in the U.S. was far more favorable than our initial concerns had led us to believe – the increase, is in fact, within the usual and predicted range of 3-10%.

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Here are the confirmed new prices in the US for Hermès quota bags. We will update this chart as prices become available.

StyleLeather2022 ($)2023 ($)% Increase
Mini Kelly 20 Epsom$8,250$8,7005.50%
Quelle Idole Picto Doll$15,900
Teddy (Suede Grizzly)$17,300
Touch Veau Madame/Gator$13,500
Matte Gator$28,500$31,50010.50%
Kelly 25 Epsom Sellier$10,600$11,3006.60%
Retourne Matte Gator$36,100$42,00016%
Togo Retourne$9,900$10,90010%
Sellier Shiny Gator$42,400
Sellier Porosus Croc$48,700
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier$11,200$11,8005.30%
Togo Retourne$10,600$11,3006.60%
Kelly 32Togo Retourne$11,300$12,0006.20%
Kelly PochetteSwift$6,400
Kelly Danse Lizard$17,500
Kelly Danse Ombré Lizard$19,800
Birkin 25Togo$10,100$10,4003%
Sellier Box$15,400
Birkin 30Togo$11,300$11,6002.7%
Constance 18Mirror Epsom$8,750
Constance 24Box$13,700

Hermes US price increase 2023 | kelly 25 epsom sellier

hermes us price increase 2023 | kelly togo retourne

We’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks wondering how significant the Hermès price increase might be here in the United States. After seeing significant jumps in Europe, there’s been much speculation as to the percentage increase here in the US. Based on our preliminary observations on only a handful of styles from, we can see that the increase is, in fact, within the usual and predicted range of 4-8%. No surprises here. 

StyleLeather2022 ($)2023 ($)% Increase
Mini Lindy ClemenceClemence$6,400$6,6503.90%
Picotin MicroSwift$3,200$3,3253.90%
Picotin 18Swift$2,875$3,0255.20%
Lucky Daisy$3,775
Picotin 22Swift$3,150$3,3255.50%
In-the-loop 18Clemence$4,350$4,5003.40%
Evelyne 16 AmazoneClemence$1,900$2,0507.80%
Evelyne III 29Maxi Quadrille Strap$3,900
Bolide on Wheels$15,900
Bolide 1923 25 Epsom$6,300$6,8508.70%
Garden Party 49Voyage Canvas$4,400
Herbag Zip 31Canvas$2,675$2,8255.60%
"Circuit 24"$3,275$3,5759.20%
Cabine Criss Viking Canvas$3,775
Verso Officier Canvas$2,825
Verrou 21 Epsom Canvas Strap$8,900$9,3004.50%
Cadenas Clutch Tadelakt$6,500
Kelly Ado BackpackClemence$9,150
Space Malice$21,400$22,700.006%

Hermes US price increase 2023

As for the quota bags, the Birkin/Kelly/Constance trifecta — we will update you as the information unfolds. We are also keenly awaiting reports of new exotic US prices, as Europe experienced unprecedented increases of up to 19% on classic styles such as the Birkin and Kelly. How will the US fare?

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Prices for Hermès small leather goods have also increased. We will update this chart as prices become available.

StyleLeather2022 ($)2023 ($)% Increase
Kelly To Go Wallet Box LeatherBox Leather$6,150$7,60024%
Constance Long To Go Epsom$5,350$5,5002.80%
Constance Slim WalletLizard$4,950$5,95020.20%
Constance Slim Wallet EpsomEpsom$2,675$2,8757.50%
Budy CharmBudy Charm$560$5803.60%
Rodeo Pegase PMLizard Wings$850$9208.20%
Calvi Verso Card HolderEpsom$405$4307.40%

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Published: August 23rd, 2023
Updated: February 15th, 2024

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