Rise of the Logos??

Has anyone checked out the March print issue of Elle? They’re declaring logos are…back! For real?

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Elle Magazine March 2016

It seems like just yesterday when we read a raft of stories about how the top luxury brands were eschewing large logos and designing more understated product. This trickled into the mass market where companies like Abercrombie & Fitch vowed to kill the logo forever. But now brands like Gucci and LV are flip flopping???

The Elle piece highlights ‘Four logos to go Loco for’ (Spanish for ‘crazy’) and follows on the heels of Man Repeller head Leandra Medine’s declaration last August that logos would make a big comeback this year:

“It seems kind of problematic, right? Because here we’ve convinced ourselves, through the fell acknowledgment and subsequent wearing of unobtrusive labels, that we’re above articulating our personal style using the contents of our wallets as a metric to define it. But with logos once again pervading our bag(uette)s comes the recognition and with that recognition comes price tags being broadcasted for all.”


Photo Courtesy: Man Repeller


Photo Courtesy: Man Repeller

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@pursebop ~ See LV’s new S/S collection launch in Paris

But Medine makes another point which I agree with more: fast fashion has run its course. We’ve all collectively accumulated so much garbage (no offense, Zara) in our closets that we just can’t buy anymore.

She asks: ‘Do the recent nods to blatant branding further substantiate a case for slow fashion— quieting down the necessity we’ve cultivated to buy, buy, buy, cheap, cheap, cheap in order think more thoughtfully about what we want to say when we set out to script our sartorial screenplays?”

Financial conscientiousness seems to be making a comeback and it couldn’t happen sooner for brands like Coach, Tory Burch and Michael Kors. They’ve been devastated by the rise of fast fashion but a shift in the mentality of young women in particular might be just what they need. A Goldman Sachs/Teen Vogue study from November 2015 found that high status young women were more reluctant to buy these logo-laden brands last year than in 2014.

Quality is on the rise again, not quantity. No one argues that a Coach wallet isn’t a higher quality product than one sitting in a bin at H&M. There will always be a place for throwaway items, but the tides seem to be turning. And not a moment too early for luxury retail!

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Published: February 25th, 2016
Updated: May 28th, 2017

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3 Responses to “Rise of the Logos??”

  • I like this idea, I must say I do love my logo’s!! But it really does seem that it was just a MINUTE ago when the idea was NO logo’s!! Fashion is definitely fickle :)

  • I must admit: didn’t see this one coming ?? everything comes and gos so fast in fashion ?❤️?

  • For me, there are some logo-ed prints that have become almost like neutrals for me (i.e. Louis Vuitton’s Monogram, Gucci’s Guccissima, etc). I don’t mind a beautifully designed logo clasp or belt buckle. On some brands, a logo is part of the design (Fendi Baguette, Hermès Constance, a gazillion Chanel designs have a CC clasp, some Vuitton bags have LV as the focus point, etc).
    Lately I’m more into my no print logo bags (Kelly obsession of all color shapes and sizes lol, Celine Phantom, Chloe Marcie & Valentino Rockstud tote. Mini Constance & medium Chanel flap being the exception)