Delvaux: the New Champion

It’s no secret Delvaux has swept PurseBop off her feet, and this mini masterpiece is the new CHAMPION. Join me for a whimsical afternoon at the Masters!

Chanel Family Dinner

Dinner is served!

Global Price Implications on Chanel Street

Pricing Reference Guide for Chanel handbags comparing the before & after of the ‘GLOBALIZATION’ slated to take place April 8th, 2015, including USA, Europe & Asia.

Chanel Classic flutters…

The truth is no matter how distracted I become with Boys, Delvaux’s

Handbag Disembarkation: How to Pack Bags for Travel

Let’s refer to this post as an exercise in packing. Contents of

Oh Boy!

“Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude,

NYT Gives Us a Clear Chanel view…

This quippy expose  was sent to me by one of my readers