Global Price Implications on Chanel Street

Prices For Chanel Handbags To Rise In Europe, Lower In Asia

Today a classic Chanel bag that costs $3,500 in Europe can run up to $6,000 in China. Chanel will narrow that price gap, bringing the two regions more in line.  Chanel explains that the new pricing scheme will enable the French house to offer products at a “harmonized” price to customers wherever they are in the world.

Chanel acquisitions in USA 

  • Given the US dollar, Chanel prices will stay the same
  • After April 8, prices for Chanel goods will remain CONSTANT

Chanel acquisitions in Europe…

  • Due to the depreciation of the euro & lower pricing structure, Chanel prices increase by approx 20%
  • After April 8, expect to pay MORE for Chanel goods

Chanel acquisitions in Asia

  • To fix the previous pricing gap, Chanel prices decrease by approx 20%
  • After April 8, expect to pay LESS for Chanel goods
  • Expect Grey market sales (resellers market) to decrease

Classic Flap

RegionToday’s PriceAfter April 8th
US $ Equivalent$3,880$4,650
US $ Equivalent$6,163$4,840
US $ Equivalent$5,224$4,873
Hong Kong$43,200$34,000
US $ Equivalent$5,570$4,400

Small Boy Bag

RegionToday’s PriceAfter April 8th
US $ Equivalent$3,400$4,070
US $ Equivalent$5,274$4,193
US $ Equivalent$5,012$4,258
Hong Kong$37,000$29,700
US $ Equivalent$4,780$3,900
  • All prices are estimated based on Chanel references and are subject to currency fluctuations.
  • The change will affect the 11.12, the 2.55, and the Boy Bag models.
  • From preliminary reports it appears the prices of the bags in Japan, United States, Canada, Britian & Brazil  will remain the same.
  • Chanel will also be gradually adjusting the prices of other products such as jewellery and small leather goods before the end of 2015.

 (5)“Ladies in Waiting” outside the Avenue de Montaigne Chanel boutique hoping to make last minute purchases before increase. Photograph courtesy @mrssophiiia taken today, March 24th in Paris.


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Published: March 24th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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10 Responses to “Global Price Implications on Chanel Street”

  • Well well, it seems now asian ladies won´t be going crazy over CC whenever they go to the USA or Europe… great for them :) … as for brazilians, CC will always be way too expensive here and anywhere in the world because of our currency depreciation (today U$1 = R$3,33) so a Boy that costs $4300 in the USA would cost over R$16k for us (with sales tax and a tax – 6,38%- we have to pay whenever we buy something of a different currency with credit card)… sad but true hehe… thanks for the chart hun, it´s very interesting to see how the prices will change…europeans are going to be mad, asians haapy ;)

  • Does anyone know how if Australia prices will change. We pay about 20% more than the EU

  • Hi Michelle, I tried to get exact numbers, but was unsuccessful. I was told prices would level out with the rest of the world which would mean an approx 20% decrease. I will update our charts as information is confirmed.

  • Yes there are strong mixed reviews based on different regions of the world & where you are based. People are standing in long queue’s in Paris vs. China for completely different reasons. As for your situation, we’ll meet in Miami for your first BOY purchase, and thats a promise! Oh and are you loving the new comment system?

  • Ohhhh yeah, love it!!! I´ll let you know as soon as I win the lottery so we can meet in Miami and you can help me find a perfect first Boy :) or maybe two LOL!!! yaayyyyyy!!! you´re the sweetest love!!! XOXO

  • GREAT post. Helpful to get an idea of where the price points are. Don’t need every bag posted. Two is enough for a ballpark figure.

  • Are u calling the old M boy small now? i just purchased my old M boy from Paris in september and it was euro 3720. i live in Toronto and even with the 20% price increase in europe, i still saved a lot than if i was to purchase it in Toronto.