Take a Sniff of Louis Vuitton’s Chic, New Perfumes

Every big fashion house has their signature scents in beautiful bottles that you just have to display on your vanity. Think Chanel No. 5, Dior J’adore, Burberry Brit, among many others. Surprisingly, Louis Vuitton hasn’t been in the fragrance game for quiet awhile…until now. Just this past month, Louis Vuitton launched a new line of perfumes, which they describe as “a collection of seven olfactory emotions”.

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Here are the names of the 7 perfumes below and a brief description of their notes:

  • Rose de Vents – a blend of three roses: entifolia, Bulgarian, and Turkish
  • Turbulences – tuberose, jasmine, magnolia, rose, and leather
  • Dan la Peau – jasmine, narcissus, and natural leather from the Louis Vuitton workshop
  • Apogée –floral with lily of the valley, rose, magnolia, jasmine, guaiac wood and sandalwood
  • Contre Moi – vanilla, orange blossom, herbs, rose and magnolia
  • Matière Noir – patchouli, white flowers, jasmine, and blackcurrant
  • Mille Feux – Chinese osmanthus (a white flower), leather, and raspberry
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A lot of conceptual work and cutting-edge, scientific technology went into this fragrance launch. The last time Louis Vuitton launched a perfume was nearly 70 years ago in 1946, and no samples of their past scents exist today. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, a French perfumer, accepted the position as Louis Vuitton’s first in-house perfumer to help create a new piece of history. Cavallier Belletrud developed iconic scents like Dior Addict, Stella by Stella McCartney, L’Eau d’Issey, and his latest work with the Louis Vuitton collection will be equally as legendary.

Louis Vuitton didn’t just set out to make simple perfumes, but sought out to create an emotional experience. All of the scents are based on flowers. As quoted by Cavallier Belletrud in an Allure feature,

“We decided right away, and very quickly, that it would be a collection. We also made a decision that these fragrances would be feminine—it’s not written on the bottle that they’re for women, but they’re feminine. The third choice I made was that [this collection] would be a story about flowers, because flowers to me are so delicate, so intense, so powerful, so beautiful—just like a woman—and it’s always been my longtime obsession to try to put the beauty of fresh flowers in a bottle.”

Cavallier Belletrud went to great lengths to capture the scent of fresh flowers. He used a process called CO2 extraction, which was originally developed to make decaffeinated coffee, to trap CO2 molecules in the air and transform them into liquid. With this method, he was able to produce floral notes that mimicked the dewy quality of flowers straight from the field. Louis Vuitton is the first brand to use this technology on flowers, another reason why this collection is so unique.

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If you’re dying to take a whiff or purchase one, the 7 perfumes will be exclusively available at Louis Vuitton stores.In a conscious effort to be environmentally sustainable, Louis Vuitton made sure the perfume bottles were refillable for future use. The scents are available individually and in sets:

  • 200 millimeter bottle ($350 or $300 for a refill)
  • 100-millimeter bottle ($240 ml or $150 for a refill)
  • Travel Spray Set ($240)
  • Box set of all 7 perfumes, 10 millimeters each($240)
  • Pièce de résistance – a monogrammed Louis Vuitton Travel Case with 3 full sized bottles from the collection ($4900)
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Are you intrigued by LV’s new fragrances? If you’re thinking of trying them out or if you’ve already purchased one, share your experience on the BopTalk threads!

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Published: September 7th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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  • I saw them briefly on Saturday, but I was in a hurry.. I smelled a couple of them but so far nothing I love, but I need to go back and take more time! First time ever since 1947 that LV comes out with fragrances! Pretty awesome! But the price is stiff????????