The 2019 Chanel Classic Flap Price Guide

With what may seem like a near-steady stream of price hikes in recent years, it can be hard to keep a pulse on Chanel prices. (Did you know that in 2010, less than a decade ago, a medium Classic Flap was only $2,850? How times have changed…)

As prices on our beloved Classic Flaps continue to go up, up, and away—and we, inevitably, continue to buy—it’s important to know what exactly we are getting into before dashing off to the nearest Chanel boutique. Enter our official 2019 price guide for the Chanel Classic Flap.

With additional information on Classic Flap sizes and materials, this guide is sure to give you all the tools you need as you continue on your collecting journey (but if you’re in need of a fresher, don’t forget our Chanel 101 class!). Bon voyage!


A Review: The Sizes

Quick review: before we get into prices, let’s not forget what, exactly, we’re even paying for. With the number of Classic Flaps—seven, though the extra mini was discontinued a few years back and can’t be found in Chanel boutiques!—it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

  1. Extra Mini: Absolutely tiny but adorable; might only be able to fit your phone and a few cards
  2. Mini Square: The classic mini, known for its unique proportions
  3. Mini Rectangle: One of the most popular Chanel bags, on account of its lower price compared to the small Classic Flap, as well as reasonable carrying capacity for a mini
  4. Small: The smallest of the “normal” Classic Flaps; perfect for being on-the-go
  5. Medium: Perhaps the “classic” Classic Flap, and often one of the first designer bags little girls covet
  6. Jumbo: A large (but no overwhelming so) Flap, which is more ideal for work and has a large carrying capacity
  7. Maxi: Simply put, a very large  flap bag, but still wearable on the daily

Read more about Classic Flap sizing:

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From mini to medium (with a sneaky 2.55 Reissue) @stylelux88

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The Prices

*All prices listed in lambskin, as of November 2019

SizePrice (USD)Price (Euros)Price (GBP)
Extra Mini Classic FlapN/AN/AN/A
Mini Square Classic Flap$3,200€2,680£2,460
Mini Rectangle Classic Flap$3,500€3,050£2,790
Small Classic Flap$5,200€4,550£4,170
Medium Classic Flap$5,800€5,150£4,720
Jumbo Classic Flap$6,400€5,700£5,230
Maxi Classic Flap$6,900€6,200£5,690

Various Materials

Aside from the go-to lambskin, the Classic Flaps are famously available in caviar, tweed, and a variety of other fabrications, including satin, sequins, and cotton/raffia. As for the main difference between lambskin and caviar, think sturdiness: the lambskin is supple and smooth, and hence more easily scratched (though devotees swear the scratches can be rubbed out), while the caviar is tougher and rougher to the touch. The prices of the standard materials don’t tend to vary much, but when extra work is involved, such as embroidery, the bags tend to be more expensive.

As for exotics, they’re off the market. Chanel announced in December that the brand had decided to no longer use exotics skins, including crocodile, lizard, snake, stingray, and even fur, citing difficulty in securing the supply of responsibly sourced skins. (Read: Chanel Bans Exotics) These were, naturally, the most expensive of the Classic Flaps, and will continue to fetch high prices on the secondary market.

Tweed Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Tweed Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Tweed Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Sequined Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Sequined Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Sequined Classic Flap. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Where are you in your Chanel collection? Are you just starting out, anxiously awaiting the day you get to walk into the boutique and acquire your first bag, or do you have rows of Classic Flaps staring down at you from their shelves when you enter your closet? What do you think of the current Chanel prices? Tell us what you think below!


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Published: May 2nd, 2019
Updated: May 11th, 2020

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