The Best Bags of the 2019 Awards Season

It’s awards season, which means it’s time for all the stars to come out and play. Over the past few events, we’ve seen some stellar trends crop up for 2019: this years Golden Globes was all about soft blue, and the SAG awards were a bouquet of beautiful pinks. This was also the year of ladies in pants and the resurgence of the back bow. And while we still are asking #WhereIsTheBaggieCam, we have scrutinized our screens to find some excellent purses. As we anticipate all the looks that will grace the Grammy’s red carpet, we remember some of favorites so far and guess what might be on display for events to come.

There were fewer bags on the red carpet this season. The most elite tend to have people carry their bags for them. But those celebrities that carried their own purses fell into two main categories. Clutches with colors that blended into their gowns and those with hard structures that provided some interesting shapes for the red carpet.

The Golden Globes

Jamie Lee Curtis courtesy AP

Emma Stone courtesy AP

Nicole Kidman courtesy Getty

Those at the Golden Globes who opted to match their bag with their gown include Jamie Lee Curtis, who’s white clutch blends seamlessly into her long-sleeved gown. Emma Stone carried a cylindrical, structured clutch. And Nicole Kidman, also playing with shape, brought a little bit of the dance floor to the Golden Globes with a disco-ball bag.

Critics' Choice Awards

Nicole Kidman courtesy Getty

Emily Blunt courtesy Getty

Angela Bassett courtesy Getty

Amandla Stenberg courtesy Getty

Elsie Fisher courtesy Getty

At the Critics’ Choice Awards, Nicole Kidman once again chooses a structured, geometric bag-this time, a cube. Also carrying structured purses are Emily Blunt and Angela Bassett. Young stars Amandla Stenberg and Elsie Fisher both chose to match their purses with their attire.

Screen Actors' Guild Awards

Rumer Willis courtesy Getty

Rachel Weisz courtesy Getty

Samira Wiley courtesy Getty

Kate Nash courtesy Getty

Michelle Yeoh courtesy Getty

Structure and color matching continued at the SAG awards. Rumer Willis chose to offset her look with a metallic color for her hard clutch, while Rachel Weisz and Samira Wiley both chose structured black bags to hold against their black gowns. Kate Nash made a statement on the red carpet with her clear, spherical chain bag. With a matching clutch, Michelle Yeoh let her feathered Elie Saab gown do the talking.

Perhaps the trendiest bag is the one guests receive inside. The swag bags handed out to attendees cost as much as the most luxury of bags. Those at the Golden Globe weighed in at around $10,000 worth of goods, some of which include a week’s vacation in Hawaii and free botox treatments. With all of that, perhaps celebrities already have their arms full.

While there weren’t as many bags on the red carpet so far, we hope to see many more at the Grammys and Oscars. This year seems to be that of coordinating colors versus structured, stand out clutches, and we can’t wait to see if the trend continues. Which is your favorite look? Are you able to tell which house each bag belongs to? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published: February 9th, 2019
Updated: February 9th, 2019

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