The Fendi Baguette Bag is Officially Back

After years of being relegated to the secondhand market, the Baguette is back—and no, we’re not talking about a French Loaf. Classic Italian Fashion house Fendi has just reissued the iconic Baguette Bag, its 2000s-era It Bag made famous on Sex and the City.

In short, it’s a full-on celebration. Fendi threw a party last week for the bag’s comeback, with Fendi-clad celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried and Emma Roberts in attendance. Ever since, the bag has flooded social media, and the Baguette—reissued in a multitude of colors and materials—has been flying off the Fendi boutique’s shelves. So what’s the deal with the old-new It Bag, and what can you expect? We’ve created a comprehensive guide to answer these very questions!



Fendi released the Baguette Bag in 1997, right before the turn of the millennium. It was meant to be tucked right under the arm, just like the French carry a baguette. The handbag gained traction immediately, and exploded onto the scene through the Holy Grail of fashion TV: Sex and the City, which first aired in 1998. Almost immediately, the cute-but-functional Baguette became one of the bags that defined the “It Bag” era (read: The Ultimate “It” Bag Analysis). Some even call it the first It Bag.

If you’re a Sex and the City devotee, the bag will be immediately recognizable. In fact, Racked described the bag as so “pivotal and enduringly popular” on the show “that one might consider it a recurring character.”

For a while, the Baguette became synonymous with Fendi itself. But a trend is hard to sustain over two decades, and the Baguette was discontinued. Baguettes have spent the last few years fetching surprisingly high prices on the secondary market. It was clear there was still a demand for the iconic bag, and a book commemorating each of the Baguette models (more than 700 in total) was published in 2012.

Now, the Baguette is back, and appealing to the younger generation—fashionistas new to the scene who may not have grown up with Sex and the City. Like the Dior Saddle Bag, the Fendi Baguette marks the successful return of a beloved classic. Let’s see how long it sticks around.

Carrie Bradshaw carrying the iconic bag. Photo courtesy: HBO

Photo courtesy: HBO

A teenage Carrie Bradshaw carrying the Baguette Bag in The Carrie Diaries, a Sex and the City spinoff show. Photo courtesy: Raymond Hall/FilmMagic

Emma Roberts and Amanda Seyfried at the relaunch party. Photo courtesy: Ben Gabbe/Getty


  • Detachable top handle
  • Cross-body detachable shoulder strap
  • FF metal fastening
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Zip pocket

Photo courtesy: Fendi

Photo courtesy: Fendi

Photo courtesy: Fendi

Photo courtesy: Fendi


At the moment, the Baguette comes in a number of materials, including

  • Calf leather
  • Multicolor fabric
  • Denim
  • Canvas
  • Multicolor embroidery

Multicolor embroidery. Photo courtesy: Fendi


The Baguette comes in three sizes: mini (19cm), regular (26 cm), and large (33cm). The mini features a chain strap rather than a leather one.

SizeDimensions (L x H x W cm)
Mini19 x 11.5 x 4 cm
Regular26 x 14 x 4 cm
Large33 x 18 x 5.5 cm

The Mini Baguette. @kaening


Prices, of course, vary according to material. (For example, denim is the least expensive.) These prices are listed in the classic calf leather.

SizePrice in USD
Fendi Baguette - Mini$2,100
Fendi Baguette - Regular$2,690
Fendi Baguette - Large$3,190


What’s your verdict on the big comeback? Tell us below! We’re definitely curious to see how long the hype will continue. More than that, we’ve always been fans, and we have to say we’re thrilled to stop scouring the secondary market for the classic design.

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Published: February 16th, 2019
Updated: February 16th, 2019

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