The Hermès Kelly With Pockets: Meet the Kelly Lakis

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For a true classic bag that’s been around since Grace Kelly and the 1950’s, the Hermès Kelly does not shy away from variations. Unlike its uber-popular sister, the Birkin, which  largely stays the same albeit with different sizes, there are many iterations of the Kelly. In this article we (re)introduce you to the Hermès Kelly Lakis.

Kelly Background

Hermès introduced the Kelly in the 1950s, though it was not called that at the time. The “Sac à Dépêche,” as originally named, was rebranded in the 1970s. “Kelly” derives from actress and Princess Grace Kelly, who infamously used the bag to cover her “baby bump.”

Single-handled (and now, though not always, accompanied by a shoulder strap) and ladylike, the original design was what we now refer to as the “retourne” style in box leather. A bit slouchy and relaxed, some say. However, the classic Kelly now comes in both a Retourne and a Sellier (stiffer) design. Not surprisingly, the type of leather affects the style.

But beyond these two variations and the different sizes, there are a number of Kelly styles. Remember Kelly Pochette, Kelly Cut, Kelly Longue, Kelly Ado, Kelly Danse, even the 24/24, to name a few. And don’t forget the Hermès Kelly Lakis.

Hermès Kelly Lakis

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The Kelly Lakis has all the class hallmarks of a regular Kelly. Plus… pockets!  Lest you think the new Cargo Birkin is Hermès’ first play on external storage, rest assured it’s not.  (The back of the 24/24  does have an external zippered section). On the Lakis, two zippered enclosures adorn the front with another zipped pocket across the back.

Get a Load of the Hermès Cargo Birkin

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Not surprisingly, it’s not easy to find a Kelly Lakis in store. However, it can be done as a Special Order. From what are sources tell us, they take longer to produce so beware the wait time can be extensive. The only current offering is in swift leather, no canvas or box like past years. It is produced in sizes 28, 32, and 35.

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What do you think of Hermès’ Kelly Lakis? Would you use a Special Order chance to get one?

Let us know your thoughts.

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Published: February 15th, 2020
Updated: February 15th, 2020

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