The Hermès Roulis: Everything You Need To Know


Always at the top of the charts for luxury handbags, Hermès doesn’t just rest on the allure of the Birkin and Kelly. In recent years, it brought us newer models that demonstrate an innate understanding of desire and need.

In this article we visit (or revisit) the Roulis. Although a relatively new introduction from the House of Hermès, right now it is climbing the charts in popularity. The almost sudden surge involves both long-time loyalists and those newer to the brand.

Hermes Roulis Guide

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This square-shaped beauty debuted in the Hermès Spring Summer 2011 collection. At first glance, the Roulis resembles the third of the Hermès handbag trinity, the Constance. Like its better known cousin, it too can be worn crossbody as well as on the shoulder. Typical of Hermès, the Roulis boasts the iconic combination of fine craftsmanship and minimalistic design aesthetic, with a keen focus on utility.

In December 2020, Hermès showcased the Roulis in a brand new avatar – the Roulis Eperon d’or. With a screen print on its sturdy body, the bag became an absolute statement piece embraced by Hermès’ adoring audience worldwide. Its popularity has risen steadily since then. Indeed, as lockdowns and restrictions ease, we see the Hermès Roulis sported by more and more handbag enthusiasts, particularly in Asia!

What makes this bag so special, apart from the fact that it is Hermès? Let us explore!

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Key Features

Boldly representing the Maison’s legendary design philosophy, the Roulis, like its “cousin”, is high on utility and comfort. Its simple sophistication instantly resonates with Hermès loyalists used to seeing ultra finesse and understated élan.

Square Body

As a square-shaped crossbody, the Roulis style is classic and evergreen. The front flap enhances user convenience and ease while amplifying the bag’s style quotient. Look closely and you can see the individual stitch style showcasing Hermès’ exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics.

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Leather strap

The Roulis comes with a comfortable adjustable all-leather strap allowing both crossbody and shoulder carry.


Metal buckle logo

When it comes to the hardware, there’s no mistaking this bag for anything other than Hermès. A sleek chain buckle resembling a stretched ‘H’, appears on the front flap. Designed by Robert Dumas (son-in-law of Émile Hermès)in 1938, it was inspired by the links and chains seen on boats. The iconic buckle has since been seen on many Hermès’ well-loved products, including belts, shoes and bracelets.

Hermès Roulis Guide

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The Roulis boasts of a spacious and highly organized interior divided into three sections. The centre section is the slimmest. With a zipper, it can be used to keep valuable essentials like credit cards and cash. The bag also features interior and exterior back pockets.


You can always count on Hermès to use the highest quality material. Leather-wise, the Roulis is offered in a range of options including Clemence, Evercolor, Sombrero, Natural and Veau.  If you’re lucky, you may also find one made in exotic alligator leather.

The permabrass plated hardware on the Roulis comes in gold and silver finishes, depending on which best complements the color.

Hermès Roulis Guide

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This Roulis can be found in all the neutral and classic Hermès colors like black, gold, and etoupe. But at times, like the other Hermès handbag styles it can be crafted in exotic leathers and other seasonal offerings.

Every now and then Hermes introduces limited edition versions of the Roulis. For example the Roulis Eperon d’or bag designed by Henri d´Origny featured a screen print in 2020 and was available in a myriad of colors that included a dark beige with a blue and white print in one design and a red with a maroon and blue print in another.

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This crossbody can be found in two different sizes, both equally elegant and stylish.

Roulis 23 is the larger version. It works perfectly as an all-day bag that fits in everything you need to get you through the day. The Roulis 18 aka Roulis Mini is more compact and ideal for when you’re on the go! Despite its petite stature, it easily fits all your essentials. The sizes and capacity mimic that of the Constance.


Hermès RoulisDimensions in cms (L X H X D)
Hermès Roulis 1818 X 15 X 6
Hermès Roulis 2323 X 21 X 7.5


Even though the Roulis is priced lower than the Hermès HGBs – i.e. Birkin, Kelly and Constance – it is, not inexpensive. Costing substantially more than the Evelyne, the Roulis cannot be called an entry-level Hermès bag. That being said, with the style ranking high on design, style and popularity, this cute bag more than justifies its price point. Moreover, while not easily available, it may be more so than the Birkin or Kelly.


Hermès RoulisPrice In the US (US$)
Hermès Roulis 18$7,500
Hermès Roulis 23$8,550

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Hermes roulis guide

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Hermes Roulis Guide

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Hermes Roulis Guide

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It certainly isn’t difficult to see why the Roulis is climbing the popularity charts. Yes, it is possible that the waitlists for the holy trinity of bags are deflecting buyers towards this beauty. On the other hand, the effortlessly chic style of the Roulis combined with the clear Hermès branding, suggests an absolutely timeless piece.

Of course, whether it ultimately stands the test of time… remains to be seen.

What do you think of the Roulis? Does it satisfy your desire for a Birkin, Kelly, or Constance? Or is it a placeholder? Let us know.

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Published: February 26th, 2022
Updated: February 26th, 2022

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