You Can Now Shop the Looks from Emily in Paris Season 2!

First it was Sex and the City, then it was Gossip Girl. Now, a new bingeworthy show has since captured the hearts (and wallets) of fashionistas everywhere. Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris,’ is a whimsical series that follows a young American moving to the city of love for the first time ever. Her adventures and mishaps are almost as addicting as the bags, clothes and shoes she and her friends sport throughout the episodes. With season two scheduled to stream December 22nd, Emily in Paris is set to give fans an early Christmas gift years in the making…

Image Credit: Netflix, Chanel, Kate Spade

Picture this- you’re watching Carrie Bradshaw and her friend Samantha prance around New York City in their oh-so-chic ensembles and eyeing that Birkin bag. Or, remember when all you could think about was how to get your hands on Blair Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen’s precious couture outfits or handbags while watching Gossip Girl? TV, and particularly those shows with a focus on fashion, has always been a beacon of style inspiration. In fact, we would be remiss if we didn’t admit to partaking in the above lusting of our favourite character’s wardrobes too. Luckily, the enviable and heart-eyes inducing pieces featured in Emily in Paris will be available to purchase for the first time ever in season two.

Image Credit: Netflix

The production studio that is home to the hit series has announced that a plethora of top luxury designer pieces featured in the show will be up for grabs on its website, as well as,, retail locations, and on each designer’s online platform as well. That Chanel or Marc Jacobs bag sported by our favorite fictional Parisienne can now actually be yours! Going beyond bags, the venture will allow viewers to shop some of the gorgeous clothing styled by famed costume designer Patricia Field- the fabulous fashionista behind all the looks in Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and more. So get ready to add those stunning tweed blazers, shimmering earrings and chic dresses to your shopping cart.

Image Credit: Netflix, Kate Spade

Image Credit: Netflix, Kate Spade

‘Emily in Paris’  took the streaming world by storm- not only for acting, storylines, and dreamy backdrops. Rather, many consider it a sport – ‘what will Emily wear/carry.’ In its first month alone, the luxury inspired series attracted a viewership of almost 60 million people!

The fashion in ‘Emily in Paris’ is as important as the main character…there are so many scenes where the wardrobe and the styling take front and centre with the backdrop of Paris — the fashion capital of the world — it doesn’t get much better. It’s all elegantly weaved together to create a beautiful, dramatic storyline within the story itself

-Jose Castro, Senior VP at ViacomCBS Consumer Products

Emily in Paris Season 2, Image Credit: Netflix

We spy with our little eye… a Dolce & Gabbana Devotion bag? (Emily in Paris Season 2, Image Credit: Netflix)

In late September, Netflix released some images of the new season- see anything you like? Maybe you need a refresher. Let’s take a walk down memory lane at some of Emily’s (and her fashionable friends’) best bags that we may or may not have already added to our Christmas wish lists…

Emily in Paris Season 2, Image Credit: Netflix

A Prada Cleo bag making a statement in this yellow hue (Emily in Paris Season 2, Image Credit: Netflix)

Season one of the hit Netfix series certainly made a splash in the fashion and handbag world. With so many designer delicacies, it’s hard to choose just one favourite. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that we were a bit jealous of our dear Emily’s enviable wardrobe. We spotted seven simply stunning Chanel bags from the first season alone that we haven’t been able to stop thinking about!

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Beyond the colourful berets, chic blazers and drool worthy evening wear, handbags from designers like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs came through as fan favourites alongside classic pieces from Chanel.

Image Credit: Netflix, Chanel

Image Credit: Netflix, Marc Jacobs

Can’t wait for Season 2? What are you most excited to see Emily in? Are you looking forward to more pieces from the designers featured in Season 1? Or are you ready for all the new trends to hit the streets of Paris? Take a look at the trailer below!


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Editor’s Update Nov 18th

We have some exciting news for all you Emily lovers out there! Just this morning, Netflix dropped ANOTHER official trailer plus some drop-dead GORGEOUS images from the new season. Accompanied by the clever tagline, she’s back for amour and coming in HAUTE!, the trailer released by the streaming service shares a glimpse into Emily’s romantic adventures, and the struggles she faces balancing love with life and Laurent… Saint Laurent, that is (*wink*). Take a look at the new trailer below and, like you, we’ll be patiently waiting to see what Emily finds in Paris this time around…

The cuts, the colors, but more importantly, that BLAZER! (Image Credit: Netflix)

We’re OBSESSED with this lovey-dovey heart ensemble! Paired with the headband & updo, Emily’s very much giving us classic Audrey Hepburn here (Image Credit: Netflix)


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Until then…

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