Poll: Which Bags Are Missing From Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit

The TV show fashion phenomenon strikes once again! With people still stuck at home, Netflix is fast becoming the new runway. Viewers are falling head over heels for looks from shows such as Emily in Paris and Selling Sunset. What’s our latest TV fashion obsession you ask? The Queen’s Gambit.

Photo courtesy of Phil Bray / Netflix.

Yes it’s a show about chess but far from being a snooze fest, this miniseries set in 1960s America is a must-watch for any fashion lover. It tells the story of young chess prodigy Beth Harmon. Beginning in a 1950s orphanage, the show follows Beth’s chess career which takes her to illustrious destinations including Paris and Moscow. The drama has all the glamour and finesse one would expect from the decade which brought us style icons such as Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy carrying the Gucci Jackie bag. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Audrey Hepburn carrying the Louis Vuitton Speedy. Photo courtesy of Everett Collection.

Protagonist Beth, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, is clad in a seemingly inexhaustible collection of stylish ensembles as she rises through the competitive (and apparently fashionable?!) world of professional chess. However, one thing notably missing from the miniseries is a collection of designer handbags for us bag lovers to envy. So here at PurseBop we thought we’d play a game! For each of Beth’s most iconic looks, you can decide which bag you would pair it with from a choice of two options. Because this is all hypothetical we’ve included a mix of bags that would have been available in the ‘60s as well as modern styles. Now put on your game face and get ready to play!

Look 1

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Beth wraps up for the cold weather when travelling to Moscow for a chess tournament, opting for a long checkered coat in a dulled off white shade. Which handbag would you complete the look with to make her excursion to Russia’s capital even more stylish?

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Look 2

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Looking the part of the ultimate ‘60s cool girl, Beth’s effortlessly chic outfit consisting of a red and navy blouse paired with a navy buttoned-up skirt and finished with sunglasses and a headscarf is missing a statement bag. But which one?

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Look 3

Photo courtesy of Charlie Gray / Netflix.

This mint green and black dress inspired by work of the late French-Italian fashion designer Pierre Cardin has proved a standout look from the series. The design’s delightful bow is crying out to be paired with a beautiful bag. Which one would you team it with?

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Look 4

Photo courtesy of Charlie Gray / Netflix.

While avidly playing a chess match, Beth wears a stylish yet simple turtleneck in a dark shade of sacramento green and a pleated skirt. After she’s annihilated her unsuspecting opponent, what bag should she sling over her shoulder in boss babe fashion?

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Look 5

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

This white blouse with a straight collar and amber yellow skirt is the perfect summer ensemble. All it needs is some ultra chic thick-rimmed glasses and the ultimate summer bag.   

Photo courtesy of @alexandraedias

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Look 6

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of Beth is defiantly glamorous however the character looks equally at home in relaxed attire. Even chess prodigies have to run errands occasionally. Which tote do you think fits the bill? 

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Look 7

Photo courtesy of Phil Bray / Netflix.

Evidently a fan of checkered coats, Beth looks quite the ‘It’ girl in this lightly hued design. How about an ‘It’ bag to match?

Photo courtesy of @kweepeixi

Photocourtesy of @ohmyvogue

Look 8

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

One of the perks of Beth’s foray into the world of chess is frequenting a string of swanky hotels around the globe. Who knew chess could be so glamorous, we may have to take up the game! And what’s better to wear to a luxurious hotel than a luxurious designer bag? Which one would you opt to take along?

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Look 9

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

If it wasn’t already clear that Beth is a certified fashion connoisseur then her effortlessly cool head scarf tied around her statement red bob makes it official. Beth’s style goes from flawless ‘60s sophistication to a nonchalant laid back look with every scene change. Pick a purse to couple with this more informal outfit of hers.

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Look 10

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

For her final look in the show, Beth channels ‘60s style legend Jackie O herself with a head-to-toe white look. Jackie O was one of the most prominent bag lovers of her time – you don’t get a purse named after you for nothing! Therefore, it only makes sense that the outfit should be completed with none other than a beautiful handbag.

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Which look from the show was your favorite? Let us know.

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Published: January 17th, 2021
Updated: January 17th, 2021

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