Who Are We To Judge?

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”
– Carrie Bradshaw



Take a moment to ponder this philosophical question with me: What truly feeds our obsession with handbags or even clothes, accessories, and shoes?

A fashion lover cherishes her collection for the same reason any other aficionado loves her hobby.

Car enthusiasts spend hours selecting specialty rims, paint details or customized interior leather for their beauties. A home decorator enjoys even the simply task of choosing the perfect wall color to complete a room. Many hair stylists swear by their $1,200 cutting scissors because of the grip, precision and comfort of the handles confounding those of us who think scissors are scissors. A gardener may spend thousands on pots, materials and fencing to grow their own plants and veggies, while others would just be happy with a quick stop at Whole Foods.

You get my drift by now. We all assess value differently and decide “worth.”. In my experience the divide is greatest when it comes to our partners. So many spouses can justify spending a fortune on cars, watches, golf clubs or even a rare bottle of wine, but still manage to find the average price of a designer handbag a absurd. Even generous and understanding Mr. PurseBop has his limits, LOL. Adding bag charms or ‘accessories for our accessories‘ into the mix may result in even more personal ridicule from the already skeptic.

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make our favorite items that much more special and personalized. Adorning an already gorgeous Birkin with a rodeo charm makes an individual statement. Let’s be honest ladies, a lot of the handbags in our closets also grace the closets of many other women. Adding a fur-ball or “monster” key chain to our sometimes over-saturated handbag makes the bag YOURS. This is one reason I believe new accessories like the Fendi Strap You have been a huge hit (read:Bears, Bugs, and Karlito: Trinkets are NO Laughing Matter ). Our sense of style or the way we put ourselves together is our individuality. Many of us might share the same Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap, but the way we coordinate it to fit our own personal sense of fashion is what brings life to the bag.

In other words, watch out Mr. PurseBop, here come the charms, fur balls, straps, bells and whistles…


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Lest you think that the shopping experience is entirely frivolous, new research shows that retail therapy is real and can be beneficial. Shopping can inspire creativity and provide aesthetic fulfillment – finding new ways to “work it” and appreciating great quality and craftsmanship. Another benefit is relaxation and escape. A Chanel handbag always brightens my bad day. It’s like a little dose of sunshine and Prozac.

In the words of the modern Pope Francis, “who am I to judge.”

Love PurseBop







Published: February 11th, 2015
Updated: March 14th, 2016