Your Favorite Chanel Classic Flaps Mixed In With a Dash of Birkin and Kelly 25’s at FASHIONPHILE

We love to reply to questions on how to obtain the hottest, of-the-moment bags, sold out at Chanel and Hermès boutiques around the globe. Fortunately, our friends at FASHIONPHILE have secured many of these highly coveted options for you. All you have to do is scroll down and you’ll see the many selections we at PurseBop have drooled over and written extensively about. Think back to the frenzy we felt with the Chanel caramel browns, the lilac pinks and then came the dove gray classics. Go ahead and feast your eyes… you may find one you wish you could have snagged now available at the click of your fingertips. Here’s a look at the top bags from 2021 in the most sought after colors and styles.

Chanel Classic Flaps

Chanel is on fire with its small and medium classic (iconic) flap in a range of colors. Multiple pinks, grays, browns, and more have fans lining up for bags as if they were given away for free. If you weren’t already on the boutique’s list, you likely weren’t getting one… unless you look on the secondary market. Whether you prefer caviar (the top seller right now) or lambskin, there’s something for everyone to love.

Chanel 19's

Alternatively, take a look at the Chanel flap’s younger sister – the Chanel 19 flap. Released in (no surprise) 2019, it’s risen quickly to be a fan favorite. Originally thought to be a seasonal style, the 19 instead proved year-round popular with fashionistas looking for a less structured option than the classic flaps. The mixed metal and heavier hardware lend this style a very modern and chic vibe. FASHIONPHILE continues to offer the latest and most sought after variations.

CHANEL Lambskin Quilted Medium Chanel 19 Flap Light Pink

Hermès Sellier Kellys

When it comes to the Hermès Kelly, small is still the order of the day. Right now, the most popular size is the the 25cm. Moreover, fans of this bag want more structure – and the Sellier style rises above the Retourne in popularity.  Be quick to act if you love any of these options as the K25 Sellier bags sell out really fast.

Chanel Coco Handles

Get a grip… on the Chanel Coco Handle flap. Some consider it the best of all worlds – a Kelly style bag with quilting and a leather/chain strap. Available in many of the same popular seasonal colors as the classic flap, it’s a practical way to complete any ensemble.

The Birkin 25

For everyone still craving a Birkin 25, this might be your opportunity to snag one. With Hermès inventory from the boutiques at an all time low, these few mini B’s may not around for long.

Chanel Mini with Handle

This years new handbag entry, the mini handle, took fashionistas by storm. Your favorite Chanel mini flap now has a handle and… it even fits crossbody. While the caviar versions were all the rage, you won’t be able to get them in the near future from the boutique. The newer bags for the upcoming seasons will be all lambskin so you may want to jump on one of these caviar options now.

It’s quite possible seeing all these beauties has inspired a new want – and you might even be able to swap out something from your closet for one. Don’t fret, it’s simple… here’s what you do:

Itemize a few bags that you think you might be able to part with (for the right price, of course). Identify pieces that might be too big, too small, wrong color or are simply bored of.

Then, FASHIONPHILE gives two options for pricing:

You can visit & go to the “sell with us” tab  of their website and fill out the get a quote form which will ask you to upload photos of the items you want to sell. In a few days you will receive a price quote.

Alternatively, schedule a virtual appointment with a  FASHIONPHILE buyer. This affords the opportunity for more back and forth about the bag. You also receive have your quote during the call. Consider it another zoom call to add to your schedule.

And here’s another tip. If you decide to spend the money from the bags you sell and buy another one at FASHIONPHILE they’ll actually give you more for your bags. Be sure to ask about this during your virtual visit.

Once you’ve made your decision FASHIONPHILE will arrange to have the bags picked up at your home.

That’s it! So do we have you tempted yet to buy or sell?

Published: October 2nd, 2021
Updated: October 4th, 2021

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