Battle of the Bucket Bags: Hermès Picotin vs. Louis Vuitton Atlantis

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In this fashion showdown, we’re pitting two bucket-style bags against each other – the Hermès Picotin and the Louis Vuitton Atlantis. These bags each have their own unique charm, but which is better (for you)? We’re here to dissect the features, designs, and much more to help you decide which bag just might be your next must-have accessory. 

First, a brief introduction to both handbags.

Hermès Picotin: A Timeless Classic

The Hermès Picotin has graced the arms of fashion enthusiasts since its debut in 2002. This timeless classic has evolved over the years and has evolved over the years with variations in materials and sizes, making it a versatile and highly coveted design. 

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Image courtesy: @eve_obsessed

Its design draws inspiration from the equestrian world, specifically the feed bags used for horses. The open-top and cylindrical shape pay homage to the brand’s equestrian heritage, while the luxurious leathers elevate the bag to new heights. 

Often hailed as one of the brand’s more laid-back (and less expensive) offerings, the Hermès Picotin exudes a casual timeless elegance. Available in a plethora of colors, leathers, fabrics, and sizes – there’s undoubtedly a Picotin to fit into everyone’s closet. 

Image courtesy: @vk_8112

Louis Vuitton Atlantis: A Modern Revival 

Louis Vuitton first introduced the Atlantis bag in 2016. It features the iconic monogram canvas, distinctive padlock detailing, and shoulder strap. Fast forward to the Pre-Fall 2023 show in Seoul, and the Atlantis was reborn with a refreshed look. 

Louis Vuitton Atlantis, 2016. Image courtesy: Vogue

The new Atlantis still sports an open-top design, two top handles with removable handle fastener, and an adjustable shoulder strap. However, the distinctive LV lock has been replaced with a classic leather luggage tag – which varies depending on the bag’s colorway. Additionally, Louis Vuitton has upgraded the Atlantis with a luxurious all-leather version available in both black and beige.  

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Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Once again the Louis Vuitton Atlantis hit a runway, appearing during the Cruise 2024 runway. This time, it was spotted in a sand-tone canvas monogram with a contrasting black leather luggage tag. 

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Image courtesy: RUNWAY MAGAZINE

With the return of the LV Atlantis, a future big-bag revival seems likely. While some refer to the Atlantis as a tote, bucket bag, or even a sack, one thing is certain – this relaxed catch-all has become a hotly anticipated release among Louis Vuitton collectors. From the upcoming Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 collection, it is expected to hit boutiques in November.

louis vuitton atlantic bag

Image courtesy @shaymitchell

Colorways & Fabrics

In the world of luxury, the choice of color and fabrics can transform a classic accessory into a showstopper. Apparently, there are buckets of options for these two bucket bags. 

The most classic Picotin fabrication is, unsurprisingly, in a classic neutral making it a fabulous everyday bag. It is most commonly crafted in Taurillon Clemence or Taurillon Maurice leathers – which are both supple, bull-calf leathers with a pebbled grain. But, when it comes to Hermès, exotic leathers are also in the cards. Occasionally, you may find a Picotin in crocodile and ostrich. Perhaps the most coveted exotic variation is the elusive Picotin Touch – which incorporates the classic Clemence leather with a ‘touch’ of exotic leather on the handles. 

Image courtesy: @je.suis.lou

Picotin Touch. Image courtesy: @plumtr3

But that’s not all. Other Picotin offerings include the highly coveted Cargo. Crafted in durable toile goeland with swift leather detailing, the Picotin Cargo offers a modernized twist on the classic bag. 

Image courtesy: @annijor

Regardless of leather and fabric, Hermès offers a wide array of bright and playful colorways, including limited offerings such as two-tone designs, known as the Picotin Casaque, among others. You’ll of course find classic neutrals such as Gold, Noir, and Etoupe, alongside a vibrant selection of beautiful brights. 

One of the most recent additions to the lineup is the micro Picotin Lucky Daisy, which quickly gained popularity due to its petite size. First unveiled in the Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear collection, the Lucky Daisy Picotin continues to be at the top of the wish lists of many Hermès devotees. 

Image courtesy: @miubb99

Another exciting variation is the new micro Picotin crafted from luxurious ostrich leather. It is available in coveted Hermès colors like Gris Perle, Vert Criquet, and Terre Cuite. The rarity of these models, however, means that they often demand premium prices when found on the secondary market. 

Image courtesy: Hermès

Image courtesy: Hermès

Shifting our gaze to Louis Vuitton, the new Atlantis model offers more limited colorway and fabric options. The BB size will come in pink, light blue, and reverse monogram. When it comes to the reverse monogram offering – the bag is finished with a contrasting black leather shoulder strap and matching LV luggage tag. Meanwhile, the classic monogram is completed with vachetta leather detailing.

For those hoping to make a bigger statement, you will find the bag available in black and beige leather in the PM, and MM. And when Cruis 2024 releases,  Atlantis options will include sand-tone monogram canvas.

Image courtesy: @foxylv

Image courtesy: RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Size & Capacity 

When it comes to bucket bags, both Hermès and Louis Vuitton understand that one size does not fill all. These iconic brands offer a range of sizes to cater to your every need, ensuring that you can find the perfect bag for any occasion.

The Hermès Picotin is currently available in three standard sizes – 18, 22, and 26cm. However, beyond the ‘standard’ options is the micro Picotin, measuring a petite 14cm. This tiny yet charming size makes the micro Picotin barely bigger than the much-loved Mini Kelly. Though all standard (besides the micro) sizes are fairly roomy, the 26 is ideal for those needing more than just their daily essentials. 

Micro Picotin. Image courtesy: @_cocmalie_

Picotin 26. Image courtesy: @hippo.1026

SizeDimensions (W X H X D cm)
Picotin Micro14 x 10.5 x 12 cm
Picotin 1818 x 19 x 13.5 cm
Picotin 2222 x 21 x 17 cm
Picotin 2626 x 26 x 22 cm

The Louis Vuitton Atlantis, set to hit boutiques in November, will be available in BB and GM sizes. Much like the Picotin, the Atlantis boasts a wonderfully simple design characterized by a soft, slouchy silhouette. Among the sizes, the Atlantis BB most resembles the Picotin 18, catering to those who prefer a minimalist approach. If you require a roomier option, the GM is generally larger than the Picotin 26, though it maintains a slimmer width. With its open-top design and unstructured form, the Atlantis offers plenty of space for all your belongings – and much more. 

Image courtesy: @foxylv

Image courtesy: @foxylv

SizeDimensions (W X H in)
Atlantis BB6.7 x 6.7 in
Atlantis GM13.4 x 13.4 in

Functionality and Style 

Bucket bags are known for their timeless appeal and are typically designed for hand carry only. However, both the Hermès Picotin and Louis Vuitton Atlantis offer their own twists on versatility. 

Picotin lovers have discovered that a shoulder strap can enhance the bag’s functionality entirely. Although the Hermès bucket bag was not originally intended to include a shoulder strap, fans of the brand have shared helpful tips online on how to transform it into a casual shoulder bag. While Hermès does not (yet) sell a shoulder strap specifically for the Picotin, detachable straps, and even silk scarves have been seen used on the bag – completely transforming its look entirely. 

Image courtesy: @becauseofbb

Image courtesy: @vk_8112

The Louis Vuitton Atlantis can be worn in several different ways. It can be carried as a tote using the top handles, or for an edgier look, the handles can be interlinked as seen on the runway. However, if versatility is your thing, each size bag comes with the added bonus of an adjustable shoulder strap –  making it the ideal companion from day to night.  

Image courtesy: foxylv

Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

Price and Availability

Often hailed as one of the more ‘affordable’ bags from the brand, prices for the Hermès Picotin 18 start at $2,875. However, it’s a different story when it comes to the exotics, the all-new micro ostrich edition currently retails for $8,400.

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SizePrice ($)Price (€)
Picotin Micro$3,325
Picotin 18$3,025€2,380
Picotin 22$3,325€2,550
Picotin 26

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

Louis Vuitton’s Atlantis range offers a wider range of price points – making it more accessible to a wider audience. The Atlantis BB in monogram canvas will retail for $3,100, and the Atlantis GM monogram canvas will be priced at $3,450. However, Louis Vuitton has not yet released full pricing. We will update you when this information becomes available.

When it comes to these two bucket bags, it ultimately may be harder to purchase a Hermès Picotin. Overall, it does appear that the Louis Vuitton is certainly more accessible, and comes with a lower price tag. 

Image courtesy: @foxylv

Both the Hermès Picotin and the Louis Vuitton Atlantis showcase their unique characteristics and charm. The Picotin remains a timeless classic and continues to be a versatile choice that never goes out of style. On the other hand, the modern revival of the Atlantis by Louis Vuitton has brought fresh updates to its iconic monogram canvas, giving it a contemporary twist. 

So, whether you lean towards the timeless elegance of the Hermès Picotin or the modern allure of the Louis Vuitton Atlantis, your choice ultimately reflects your personal style. The battle of the bucket bags continues, and the decision is yours to make – which one will you add to the top of your wish list?

Published: October 10th, 2023
Updated: October 10th, 2023

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