Battle of the WOCs: Chanel vs. Hermès


When we think of Wallets on Chains—lovingly referred to as WOCs—two brands generally come to mind: Chanel and Saint Laurent. Although Hermès crafts the most renowned handbags in the world of luxury fashion, the brand’s WOCs are rarely discussed. It’s clear that Chanel and Saint Laurent have won out in this department, at least in terms of popularity. Usually, Chanel wins any and all WOC showdowns.

Not so fast, though. Hermès, the king (or queen) of handbag craftsmanship, has some cards to play in the WOC race. Let’s call them WOSs (Wallets on Straps) to distinguish them. And instead of just one style, Hermès has a few different looks to offer. So let’s take a close look at Chanel WOCs and Hermès WOSs, and compare info on pricing, features, and styles, before we make any final judgments. We just might convert you, at least to appreciate the WOSs Hermès has to offer.


Chanel WOC Styles

The Chanel WOCs are, generally, one style with slight alterations. Most are modeled on the Classic WOC, which looks a bit like a small, slimmer Chanel Classic Flap. The dimensions of this bag are 12.3 x 3 x 19 cm (4.8 x 1.2 x 7.4 in). Most come with the iconic interlocked “CC” logo.

In terms, of features, the Chanel Classic WOC has 6 card slots, zip pockets, a zippered pocked inside the flap, an exterior pocket on the back, a chain strap with intertwined leather, and a snap closure.

Classic Wallet on Chain. Photo courtesy: Chanel

The chevron WOC is modeled on the the Classic WOC, with similar features, though it has a triangular flap instead of a straight one:

Chevron Wallet on Chain. Photo courtesy: Chanel

The Chanel Boy WOC looks, expectedly, like the Chanel Boy Bag. Its dimensions are the same as the Classic WOC, and it has essentially the same pockets and slots, though it does not have an exterior pocket on the back:

Boy Wallet on Chain. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Finally, the Chanel 2.55 WOC is, of course, a wallet version of the traditional 2.55 flap bag. It also has the same dimensions as the Classic WOC. Its turnlock closure is just for style, as it has instead a hidden snap closure:

2.55 Wallet on Chain. Photo courtesy: Chanel

Hermès WOS Styles

Unlike the Chanel WOC, Hermès doesn’t have a singular bag that stands out as the brand’s classic Wallet on a Strap. Instead, there are a few options for those H lovers out there. The crafty “old school” method—still in use today!—was to take the Kelly Wallet and use the Farandole Chain to turn it into a WOS.

The Kelly Wallet is 7.8″ x 4.5″, and includes 12 credit card slots, 2 bill pockets,  a zipped change purse, and typical Kelly closure; the chain is 46″, rendering it a bit small for crossbody use.

Kelly Classic Wallet. Photo courtesy: Hermès

Farandole Long Necklace. Photo courtesy: Hermès

The Clic 16 Wallet, which is a new style offered this year, is another option—and this time with a ready-made strap. It’s quite a bit smaller, at 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 3.9″, and has a square shape, with 4 credit card slots, 2 pockets, and a removable leather strap. It’s simple and modern, with a historic 1960s lock.

Clic 16 Wallet. Photo courtesy: Hermès

Yet another possibility is the Mini Convoyeur Wallet. This one is also quite compact, at 4.5″ x 5.9″. Inside, it has two sections, a change purse, and 6 credit card slots. In appearance, the Mini Convoyeur Wallet has a sleek modern design.

Mini Convoyeur Wallet. Photo courtesy: Hermès

Last but not least, the Hermès Cinhetic Wallet, released last year, is perhaps the boldest design of the 4 kinds of WOSs. It’s 4.8″ x 4.3″, which a striking H clasp. Minimalist and sharp, the Cinhetic Wallet has a zipped change purse and small inner pouch.

Cinhetic Mini Wallet. Photo courtesy: Hermès


As you can see, the price difference between Chanel and Hermès is considerable, despite Chanel’s recent WOC price hike (read: Chanel WOC Gets a Huge Price Hike!). While most of the Chanel WOCs are $2,500—in normal leathers, such as calfskin, goatskin, and lambskin—most of the Hermès WOSs are priced upwards of $4,000. The only exception is the Hermès Clic 16 Wallet.

Chanel WOCs

StylePrice in USD
Chanel Classic WOC$2,500
Chanel Chevron WOC$2,500
Chanel Boy WOC$2,500
Chanel 2.55 WOC$2,800

Hermès WOSs

StylePrice in USD
Hermès Kelly Wallet + Farandole Chain$4900
Hermès Clic 16 Wallet$2,850
Hermès Convoyeur Wallet$4,225
Hermès Cinhetic Mini Wallet$4,475

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What’s the final verdict? Are you still a steadfast Chanel WOC supporter? Or would you consider one of the many Hermès WOSs—and if so, which one is your favorite? Let us know who won the battle in the comments below!

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