Finding Your Instagram Twin


by @rsnqween and @kugzz

Instant connection! Cliché, I know, like love at first sight! Don’t we all long for it in today’s world ruled by social media. Let’s see, there is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, IG, and more recently IG stories. Little snippets of our lives are squeezed into minute long clips! Fun fact: the average human attention span has hit as low as 8 seconds. 8 seconds! Let that sink in for a minute, well 8 seconds rather…Thanks to the internet, the world has become a small domicile, connecting us in ways we never thought possible and affording us freedoms and opportunities like never before! We are now able to interact with anyone from anywhere in the world but only at the expense of having lost that human connection! Right? Not so fast… sometimes this connection blossoms after seeing yourself in someone’s pictures or watching their stories. I take it a step further and say I felt as if all of a sudden I had a virtual twin in Rami, and yes it all started with BAGS. (You all may know Rami by the IG handle @kugzz as well as the expert minimalist and neutralista)

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Let’s get back to the basics! You are all reading this story on PurseBop, which means we, the PurseBoppers have a common denominator here! Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, exotics or just a simple appreciation for all things beautiful.

What struck Rami and I immediately is the fact that we are both bona fine Neutralistas and Minimalistas. By minimalistas, we mean a collections of bags that is more about quality rather than quantity (less than 10 as per dictated by Rami). Remember her article explaining the 10 or less rule? Reading it made me a firm believer we share the same brain as I had recently downsized my collection to bare minimum as well! Crazy I know! For me it was cleansing and extremely rewarding and what I was left with is a collection strikingly similar to Rami’s … well don’t take MY word for it, take a look for yourselves!

And here you have it: eerie similar collections! Then comes another surprise, this one is almost strange! It happened just the other day… during a phone conversation Val whispers: “Rami, I have wanted a Kelly Cut for quite some time now, but have passed on a few because I wasn’t sure if they were right” then a pause, almost a hesitation. We then talked about how beautiful that clutch is, even mentioned a few IG accounts and then she slips the word! We both exploded in unison, the word “bamboo”! We had both been crazing a bamboo Kelly cut. What…how is possible to have the exact same wishlist?! I almost fell off my chair. My surprise was not over – the fact that she was expanding her horizons per se was interesting, but more so because I too was contemplating adding this vibrant hue to my arsenal! We both felt as if we owed each other an explanation since we are always on our “neutral” high horses. She was so surprised when I said “I have been really obsessing with that color too” ! PHEW, We were on the same wavelength once again and all was well in the world in an instant! You tell me: does it get any cooler than that?

So what, you may ask… is that all? You have a merely identical bag collection…big deal. Not so fast my dear PurseBoppers! Handbags were only the beginning. You see, it’s deeper than the sea of neutralism and minimalism combined! Imagine our delight at the discovery that purses were only a teeny drop in the ocean of quirks we share..,anyone who follows us both can immediately guess the most obvious one! Yes, you guessed it: DOGS! Seeing Gingy and Lola adorn almost every single IG story or picture resulted in both of us squealing with joy, causing a ripple effect that solidified the fact that we are not some obsessed crazies…well maybe we are but we get it each other!

The proof is in the pudding!

Want more proof? Let’s ponder the topic of music for example. We are both not strangers to raised eyebrows on the faces of people who are trying to hide their surprise (or could it be contempt) at our choice of music. Let’s just say that the twin with a human child (hehe) must make a concerted effort to keep the music airways decent when her daughter and friends are in the car! We both realized that it’s a pretty safe bet to make when one is obsessed with a track, the other one is smitten! And yes, we both agree that the 90s were the best era for anything music, even hip-hop!

And then there is sushi and wine! We both can’t live without either (especially wine)! What would top everything on the list is having both together!

The ease of sharing personal stories has taught us that we are all more similar than we are different. PurseBop is a great platform to find likeminded friends. We are starting to realize how fulfilling it is to connect with people who share same “obsession”, or should I say “passion” as you! And so…we would love to hear from you: Have you found your twin yet? Share in the comments below.

@rsnqween and @kugzz