Brazilian Bop: Buenos Aires

I saved my best dressed outfits for Buenos Aires as evenings were filled with cocktails at savvy spots, long strolls through cafe lined streets and clubs, European style. Weather was simply perfect, so the energy spent on blow dries were finally worth it, LOL.
Fine dining at METODO DeRose in Buenos Aires. I had my share of fun at the expense of these bread rolls, each so perfect and all in a row!

bra (3)

bra (2)I could simply not grip my gaze away from the sight of such perfectly crafted people. Argentinians are as stylish and beautiful as I had imagined them to be. Men and women both, groomed to the T’s.

I did manage to slip away to the famous street of leather manufacturers and have a lambskin jacket custom made just for me. Its divinely soft and ever so purple.
(If you should stumble upon someone wearing a vibrant Welch’s grape juice colored leather jacket… may have found PurseBop)

Buenos Aires is truly as they say, the  “Paris of South America” in every way. Fashion, architecture, dining, style and beauty …….all in one!

bra (4)Heading home, the sun sets on Buenos Aries as I bid farewell aboard the 747 headed non stop to JFK….

bra (1)


Published: February 21st, 2013
Updated: November 16th, 2014

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