Chanel Bags Funded Actress Christina Ricci’s Divorce

The claims are loud and clear, coming fast and furious. Beyond the myriad of articles about Birkin value outpacing the stock market, inclusion of handbags in luxury investment indices, and how to invest in (hard to get) handbags, evidence seemingly mounts that we should be collecting handbags to finance our lifestyles and/or retirement. The latest news that actress Christina Ricci funded her divorce with her Chanel collection adds fuel to the narrative.

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Not so fast, though. As we’ve written many times over, rarely do bags appreciate in value unless unused, rare, and difficult to obtain. The Chanel classic flap in the hottest hue might sell above retail at a reseller at the moment that bag is hot. Wait a couple of months or years, and maybe not. Remember the 2000s when everyone clamored for an original size Birkin- that is, the 35cm model, and sat on the infamous waiting list. Well, those bags rarely trade even at the retail price, usually below, as the current fashion leans toward smaller bags.


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So, let’s address what Christina Ricci did. Selling a luxury good to fuel another “purchase” is nothing new. Indeed, many believe it’s the strategy to curate a collection – like one in, one out. It just doesn’t mean that you earned a profit on the sold bag (or got a deal on the new one).


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No doubt, each and every one of the actress’s bags retained value. As we know, pre-owned Chanel purses trade all the time, confirming the retention of monetary worth.

What we cannot assume is that her (now priced at) $8,800 classic flap received that or more when sold. Likely she didn’t. Even if the bag were in mint unused condition.

More to the point, it’s doubtful regular folk would get that much.   And she may not have paid for it at all. In addition, it is possible that the provenance – celebrity-owned and possibly gifted unique bag from Chanel – upped the ante.

On the other hand, Ricci likely did not sell the bags herself. That is, she probably used a reseller who took a cut of the proceeds. So even assuming that a Chanel medium Classic flap traded at its current retail price $8,800, Ricci received less, more likely around $6,000.

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Nevertheless, put enough bags together and you can amass a chunk of change. Whether you spend it on more bags, jewelry, or a divorce, is up to you. Clearly Ricci valued getting out of the marriage more than possessions. Props to her for knowing what was important.

One caution though to handbag collectors out there. As recognition of handbags as valuable commodities grows, non-carrying spouses are starting to claim interest in those items. That means, purse collections could become part of the marital estate to be split, absent a pre- or post-nuptial agreement to the contrary.

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What do you think about Christina Ricci using her Chanel bags to pay for a divorce? What would you do? Let us know.

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Published: November 29th, 2022
Updated: November 29th, 2022

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