Everything You Need To Know About The New Chanel Warranty

Ah, ‘Chanel and me’… how often does this describe one’s journey into the House of Coco? But now, it’s becoming ever so much more. Chanel recently announced a new endeavor to provide a longer warranty (expanded to five years from one) and even follow up care for some of its leather items. Called ‘Chanel et Moi’, which translates to ‘Chanel and Me’ in English, it seeks to enrich the Chanel customer experience. On the other hand, if rumors are accurate, it also may make the handbags a bit more difficult to purchase.

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Let’s look more closely at the ‘Chanel et Moi’ programme.

The New Chanel Warranty

  • Five-year warranty offered on all handbags and WOCs (wallet on chain)
  • Five years begins the date of purchase
  • Applies to all handbags and WOCs purchased from April 2021 onwards
  • Applies to the replacement of any parts or any necessary repairs on Chanel handbags and wallets on chain, subject to proper use
  • Replacement of any parts/necessary repairs requires proof of purchase from a Chanel boutique

The New Purchase Policy

  • Rumored new limits on how many bags you can buy per year (we don’t know exact numbers but it’s been speculated that the limit will be one handbag every two months) 
  • Speculation that Chanel will give priority based on customer purchasing history
  • Speculation that Chanel will give first priority to VIP customers when it comes to sought-after bags which are in short supply, pieces from new collections etc

Chanel Restoring Care

  • Selection of care services for restoring and repairing bags
  • Available in each of the house’s boutiques globally
  • New dedicated restoring care spaces to be available in or near selected boutiques 
  • First applies only to black iconic leather bags

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There has been much speculation amongst Chanel aficionados as to the reason for the new policies, particularly the four year increase in the warranty term. The most likely explanation is that Chanel decided to offer this greater level of post-purchase care because of its repeated and significant price increases over the past couple of years. As you may recall, one reason Chanel declines to sell handbags and RTW online is its stated desire to elevate the Chanel shopping experience. Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s President of Fashion, repeatedly discusses the company’s relationship with its customer and the luxury experience, which now doesn’t end at sale. Whether the after-care plan parallels Hermès’ spa service, remains to be seen.

The rumored purchasing limits and prioritization of customers based on purchasing history does resemble the Hermès business model. Perhaps it is unsurprising as Chanel continuously endeavors to pump up exclusivity with ever-increasing prices and limited supply.

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Of course, there could be (and likely is) another driving force behind these new policies. That is Chanel’s desire to combat the resale market. In the new policy, Chanel makes clear that only handbags and WOCs purchased from Chanel boutiques are eligible for repairs or the replacement of any parts. Lack of proof of purchase puts you out of luck. This could potentially deter consumers looking to buy a Chanel bag from the resale market.

As for the rumored annual limit on bag purchases, many speculate it too is driven by concerns about resale. Specifically, such a move could help shunt supply available to resellers.  If true, no longer could people buy excessive numbers of bags with the sole intention of reselling them. This concern about bags flooding the resale market is shared by Hermès as well. In addition to the difficulty of obtaining its top items, recently Hermès added language on its sales receipt that customers were agreeing to not resell these items on for commercial purposes. Of course, whether that is enforceable is a different matter entirely. 

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The official Chanel website explanation of the Chanel & Moi Programme refers to “the House’s singular ecosystem”. To us here at PurseBop, the use of these specific words suggest a desire to keep Chanel boutiques as the sole source of Chanel products. In other words, Chanel doesn’t want its goods on the secondary market.  Or at least not with resellers unaffiliated with Chanel.

What do you think of the new Chanel warranty and rumours about purchasing limits? Does it make the brand more desirable to you? Would you prefer Chanel keep the one year warranty and stop increasing prices? Let us know.

Love, PurseBop