Chanel Bulletin Board – 2020

Chanel made lots of headline news. From the latest prices to the latest bag, we give you the good, the bad and the exciting. Here’s what you need to know:

Chanel Bulletin Board 2020

For those of you just tuning in, Chanel has made luxury news headline time and time again during the Covid Pandemic. It started with the shocking news of significant price increases all over the world. The brand was also candid in admitting its abysmal forecast for the immediate future. Chanel did, however, provide some cheer with a few fun releases. All in all, the brand ensured that the team at PurseBop were on its toes presenting the latest updates as they happened.

We have summarized the highlights from each of our recent posts on Chanel in the bulletin below. Explore the excerpts and continue onto the linked posts for more information.

This came at a time when many of us were reeling from the impact of Coronavirus. Many countries, including the US were in lockdown during this time. The news of significant price increases first trickled in from Europe. In a short span of a couple of weeks, the price increases came into effect in America, Asia and Australia as well. The brand cited global price harmonisation as the underlying reason for these increases. Cushioning the top line at a time when sales will no doubt be impacted was possibly another.

Click HERE to read the full post which presents the latest prices for some of the popular models in both the US and Europe.

Chanel prices 2020

Soon after the news of Chanel’s price increases, is when we came across an interesting article by a financial planner. In the article , the author presents her musings over a decision to buy a Chanel Bag 10 years ago. She reckons that the money spent on the bag may have yielded better returns if invested in stocks. This got us thinking, and resulted in a post which presents the various factors one should consider before making a high value handbag investment.
Click HERE to visit the full post.

Buying a Chanel Bag

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While still keeping our eye peeled for further news on price increases is when we had our Eureka moment! Or at least a moment that helped us cope a little bit better with the price increases – Owing to Chanel’s price harmonisation strategy, there is perhaps no longer an advantage to shopping abroad. We can therefore, indulge in that coveted Chanel bag, guilt free, sitting right where we are! Read the full article HERE.

Chanel International

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Although Chanel declared strong results for 2018 and 2019, the brand isn’t very bullish about their performance over the coming year or two. Global Economic contraction, coupled with stores being shuttered for 3-4 months in various parts of the world in 2020, doesn’t bode well for luxury. Price increases, however, may help cushion the blow for Chanel.
Read more about the outlook for luxury and in particular Chanel HERE.

Chanel during pandemic

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We were excited to see some of our favorite brands, including Chanel, release airpod cases in their Fall/Winter 2020 collections. Due to hit the stores this month, the tweed pink variant is what instantly caught our eye. Find out more HERE.

Chanel airpod case

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Chanel’s most recent handbag style – The Chanel 19 has been an instant success for the brand. No other bag, in recent times, has seen this kind of success as the Chanel 19 has. Our in-depth guide tells you all that you need to know about the bags features and prices. It also provides information on size, leather and color options.
Get all the details HERE.

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All caught up on the past few action packed months courtesy of Chanel?
Stay tuned for a guide to the Chanel Coco Handle Bag that is under works.

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Published: September 14th, 2020
Updated: September 14th, 2020

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