Dear PurseBop: What Happens When Your Hermès Quota Bag Gets Recalled?

This week on Dear PurseBop we discuss the recall of Bleu Brume in Epsom leather, where to rehome your bags and Birkin bait items, whether to buy a Kelly To Go or Constance To Go, and how to buy online while still being loyal to your SA at Hermès. Keep reading for our advice on luxury purses, shopping, traveling abroad, and scoring your next dream bag. Don’t forget to ask your questions by submitting them here and staying up to date on the luxury questions and answers from others by visiting here.

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Dear PurseBop: What Happens When Your Hermès Bag Gets Recalled?

It is rare for a luxury handbag to get recalled. However, when it happened last year with the color Bleu Brume in Epsom leather, Hermès acted. Dear PurseBop explores what happens when a bag gets recalled. Read it all here.

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Dear PurseBop: Where Can I Re-home My Hermès Bag and Other Birkin Bait?

There are numerous options to choose from when deciding to re-home one or more of your luxury bags and accessories. There are online options, brick and mortar stores, do it yourself options, and small resellers on social media. Whichever you choose, the number one piece of advice is to do your homework. Research the reseller platform thoroughly and read our advice here.

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Dear PurseBop: Is A Kelly To Go or a Constance To Go More Popular and Valuable?

When Hermès introduced the Kelly To Go and Constance To Go recently, it opened up a new world for Hermès lovers. Easy to wear, lower price point, multiple colors. Explore with Dear PurseBop which one suits your lifestyle best by reading all about it here.

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Dear PurseBop: If I Buy Hermès Items Online How Can My SA Benefit?

Many Hermès SA’s will tell their clients to check the Hermès website for items they want to buy but cannot get in store. However, there is a way to buy online and still keep your relationship with your SA strong as well as adding to your purchase history in store. Read the tips we have for you has on this issue.

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We look forward to answering your questions so keep visiting the Dear PurseBop portal to submit your questions and be sure to read all the questions submitted by our community members. Happy Spring!

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Published: March 21st, 2023
Updated: March 21st, 2023

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