Dear PurseBop: Do I Have To Buy Hermès Fine Jewelry To Be Offered A Quota Bag?

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Dear PurseBop has been busy answering your valid and insightful questions. As the weather starts to cool our wardrobe may change but our love of orange boxes, shopping, traveling to Paris, and hoping for that next bag offer are always on everyone’s mind.

This week we tackle whether fine jewelry is the key to being offered your next quota bag, when do you need to pay for the special order you created, is gold or palladium hardware more valuable, and much more.

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Dear PurseBop: Do I Have to Buy Fine Jewelry to Be Offered a Hermès Quota Bag?

Many people wonder if there are certain areas within Hermès to focus your purchases when hoping to be offered a quota bag. Although there are different commission schedules for the SA’s in certain metiers (or departments), loyalty to the brand is still key.

Dear PurseBop has suggestions here on what to buy which may help you get closer to your dream bag.

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Dear PurseBop: How Early Should I Contact My SA in Paris to Book An Appointment to Shop?

If you are traveling to Paris to shop at Hermès and have shopped with a particular SA previously, it is a good idea to contact them before your next trip. Dear PurseBop outlines a suggestive timeline and tips on shopping and requesting a quota bag here.

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Dear PurseBop: When Do I Pay For My Special Order?

Being offered the opportunity to create a Special Order bag at Hermès is one of the best moments in a bag lovers’ journey. However, many wonder if they must pay for the bag when it is created or after it arrives from Paris? Dear PurseBop has all the answers here.

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Dear PurseBop: Is Hermès Lizard or Crocodile Exotic Skin More Durable, Rare, and Valuable?

Hermès exotic skins are the most luxurious and beautiful bags. To be offered an exotic bag from Hermès is very special indeed. However, these bags require special care. Both Lizard and Crocodile offer many special features. Dear PurseBop outlines everything you need to know here.

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Dear Pursebop: Is Gold or Palladium Hardware More Valuable on a Hermès Quota Bag?

There are Hermès lovers who will only collect bags with gold hardware and others who prefer palladium hardware. Is one really more valuable on the resale market? Read Dear PurseBop’s analysis here.

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Dear PurseBop: When Should I Take The Stickers Off The Hardware of My Hermès Bags?

One of the most divisive subjects among Hermès collectors is when to take the stickers off the hardware on their bags. There are clearly two different points of view. Read what Dear PurseBop has to say on this very important topic in these two posts.

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Published: October 26th, 2023
Updated: October 26th, 2023

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