Dear PurseBop: Where Should I Shop In Paris for My First Luxury Handbag?

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As we delve into the cooler fall weather we reflect on our summer travels. We hope your summer has been fruitful and brought you all the wish list bags your heart desires. We would love to share your shopping experiences in Paris this summer. Submit your scores, your misses, your joys, and your disappointments here. Our community members are eager to hear.

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Dear PurseBop: Where Should I Shop in Paris to Buy My First Luxury Handbag?

Traveling to Paris to buy your first luxury handbag is exciting but it can be overwhelming as well. There are so many beautiful options and a limited time to explore all of them. Read Dear PurseBop’s detailed suggestions for purchasing the perfect first luxury handbag in Paris that fits both your style and your needs. Not only will you have a positive experience visiting all the boutiques, you may even save money rather than buying it in your home town.

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Dear PurseBop: Can You Purchase the Bag Offered To The Person With the Hermès Appointment if They Refuse It?

In Paris, the lottery appointment system is designated for the person whose name the appointment was made under. If a bag is offered and refused, can your friend purchase that bag? Dear PurseBop explores this common question. Get the insight here.

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Dear PurseBop: Can Special Orders Be Shipped to Another Country or Picked Up in Paris?

What happens when your dream comes true and your SA offers you the opportunity to place a Special Order? You immediately book an appointment and enjoy the process of choosing a completely unique bag. Subsequently, circumstances changed and you move to another country far away from the location you placed your Special Order? What to do? Read the tips Dear PurseBop has in this situation.

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What is the Best Shoulder Strap Length on a Hermès Mini Kelly to Wear it Crossbody??

The hugely popular mini Kelly is getting harder to get in store. Many have resorted to ordering a mini Kelly when they are offered a Special Order. The question then becomes what length strap to order so the bag sits comfortably both cross body and alternatively on the shoulder. Dear PurseBop explores all the options that you will want to read here.

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Dear PurseBop: How Can I Score a Quota Bag at Hermès if I Do Not Have a Boutique in my Home Town?

Do you wonder how to score a quota bag if there is no Hermès boutique near your hometown, in your country, or anywhere you regularly travel for work or on holiday? Dear PurseBop has the most logical solution here.

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Dear PurseBop: How Do I Care for and Maintain My Luxury Handbags in the Best Possible Condition?

Now that you may have acquired one or more luxury handbags, the logical question is how to maintain them in the best possible condition. The beauty of your new handbag and the amazing workmanship, not to mention the steep cost of the handbag, lends itself to keeping it in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Dear PurseBop outlines the steps to follow to insure your handbags maintain their shape and pristine condition for a lifetime. Click here for all the tips.

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My SA Does Not Text Back Promptly - What Should I Do?

When your SA does not text back promptly it can be disconcerting. However, have no fear. Dear PurseBop calms your fears and tells you how to handle this situation. Read it all here.

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Published: October 17th, 2023
Updated: October 17th, 2023

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