Quiz Time: The Ultimate Flap Bag Showdown

When the term “flap bag” crosses your mind, often the first association is Chanel’s timeless Classic. Undoubtedly, the iconic Chanel flap has not only etched its mark but also stood the test of time with its design and continuing allure. However, the world of flap-style handbags extends far beyond this celebrated classic.

More than just a fashion accessory, the flag bag stands out as one of the most sought-after bag styles, rooted in practicality. Often offering options for shoulder and crossbody wear, it ensures convenient access while keeping your belongings close and even secure. Commonly accessorized with luxurious hardware, clasps, and logo details, flap bags seamlessly blend utility with elegance, solidifying their status as timeless accessories cherished by handbag enthusiasts.

So what better place to see a full panoply of flap bag options than FASHIONPHILE? As a premier destination for the hottest arm candy, FASHIONPHILE offers a diverse selection – from oversized statements to chic miniatures, spanning across crossbody styles, elegant top handles, and everything in between. 

Our favorite brands each offer at least two flap styles, all of which are available at  FASHIONPHILE. Which would you prefer?

Chanel 2.55 Reissue vs Classic Flap

Let’s kick things off with a competition between the most classic of all – Chanel vs Chanel… 

Chanel 2.55 Reissue: A Timeless Evolution of Elegance

Born from Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary 1929 design, the 2.55 Reissue emerged as the original ‘It’ bag with its groundbreaking chain shoulder strap. Officially reintroduced in February 1955 and later revived by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005. The 2.55 Reissue retains its enduring rectangular silhouette, double flap, diamond quilted design, and the classic rectangular Mademoiselle turn lock. With minimal design changes, the Reissue now comes in three sizes – maxi, large, and mini – and boasts a variety of transformations, showcasing sequins, denim, and timeless aged calfskin. After 69 years, the 2.55 Reissue stands as a symbol of Chanel’s iconic legacy.

Image courtesy: @ceruleanblonde

Chanel Classic Flap

Introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983, the Classic Flap pays homage to Coco’s iconic 2.55 bag. This revered reinterpretation brought forth two fresh elements – a leather-woven chain shoulder strap and the unmistakable double C-turn lock closure. Offered in a myriad of sizes, ranging from the miniature to the maxi, and classic leathers such as caviar and lambskin, as well as seasonal offerings including patent, jersey, tweed, and denim. The Classic Flag undeniably stands as the most sought-after flap bag design in the luxury world. In contrast to its predecessor, the Classic Flap adds a contemporary touch to Chanel’s legacy, seamlessly blending heritage and modern design.

Image courtesy: @thestylishfreelancer

Chanel’s Icons: Have Your Say!

The Chanel Classic Flap and 2.55 Reissue share rich histories, each embodying distinctive elements that set them apart. Rooted in Gabrielle Chanel’s 1929 vision, the 2.55 Reissue quietly asserts its charm with its logo-free design that subtly speaks to those in the know. Meanwhile, the globally recognized Classic Flap proudly showcases Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic CC turn lock. Whether you’re captivated by the CC charm or drawn to the Reissue’s understated appeal it’s time to choose your style statement. 

Cast your vote for your favorite classic Chanel in the poll below.

Hermès Constance vs Della Cavalleria

While Hermès is certainly renowned for its iconic handbags, we are going beyond the coveted Birkin and Kelly. Let’s explore Hermès’ versatility with the Constance and Della Cavalleria. 

The Classic Hermès Constance

Officially gracing the fashion scene for over half a century, the Hermès Constance maintains its timeless elegance. Designed in 1959 by in-house artisan Catherine Chaillet, the bag was named after Chaillet’s then-newborn daughter, Constance. Coveted by fashion enthusiasts for its versatility and crossbody design. The defining feature of Constance is without a doubt the bold H emblem fastening. Offered in gold, palladium, enamel, and even exotic hardware, the H fastening stands out from the crowd. 

Image courtesy: @iitsninaaaa

Image courtesy: @yanalav

The Newcomer: Hermès Della Cavalleria

Introducing a modern perspective, the Della Cavalleria first emerged in Hermès’ Fall-Winter 2010 collection and received a refresh in 2023. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s equestrian heritage, this crossbody contender, like the Constance, boasts a minimal flap bag silhouette. However, similar to the Constance, the star of the show is the bold fastening. Its distinctive buckle design resembles an oversized Verdun horse bit motif, that gently curves to hug the underside of the bag. The Della Cavalleria bag is offered in gold or palladium hardware. 

Hermès Shoulder-Bag Showdown

Undoubtedly, the Constance and Della Cavalleria exude a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The Constance, boasting a classic flap style and adorned with the iconic H clasp, is unmistakably Hermès. In contrast, the lesser-known Della Cavalleria makes a bold statement with its unique design inspired by equestrian motifs.  Both designed for practicality, these bags feature adjustable shoulder straps for seamless transitions from shoulder to crossbody wear. Each with its distinct charm and character, the Constance and Della Cavalleria cater to a diverse range of Hermès tastes. 

Which one speaks to your individual Hermès taste? Choose your top pick in the poll below and let your voice be heard!

Celine Classic Box Flap Bag vs Triomphe

Celine stands as one of the hottest brands of 2024. However, there’s an ongoing clash between Philo and Slimane’s design philosophies at Celine. As a result, the spotlight falls on two iconic flap bags – the Classic Box bag and the Celine Triomphe.

Philo’s Refined Design: Celine Classic Box Bag

Introduced in 2011 under Phoebe Philo’s creative helm, the Classic Box Flap bag defines understated elegance. Crafted in smooth calfskin leather the box bag design features an adjustable shoulder strap and is adorned with a gold-tone buckle clasp void of logos. Philo’s time at Céline highlighted a discreet and understated aesthetic, and the Classic Box bag embodies this essence – with the ultimate ‘if you know, you know’ aesthetic. 

Image courtesy: @melissasoldera

The Triumph of the Celine Triomphe

On the opposing side, the Celine Triomphe, unveiled in 2018 under Hedi Slimane’s leadership, swiftly achieved iconic status, with contemporary minimalism, clean lines, and a sleek aesthetic. Its minimalist design is accentuated by its bold logo clasp, distinguishing itself from the Classic Box bag’s pared-back fastening. The Triomphe features an adjustable shoulder strap for versatile wear, echoing the functionality of the original Box bag. Available in a myriad of colors and luxurious leathers, including shiny calfskin, canvas, and exotic lizard, the Triomphe symbolizes a blend of tradition and innovation, marking a significant chapter in Celine’s contemporary legacy.

Image courtesy: @alinagavrilov_

The Clash of Philo vs Slimane

In the unfolding story of Celine’s evolution, the Classic Box bag and Triomphe emerge as clear symbols of the brand’s commitment to both timeless sophistication and contemporary design. While both bags share a similar silhouette and wearability, it’s the nuanced details that set them apart, underscoring Celine’s dedication to offering a spectrum of choices for those drawn to quiet luxury or those opting to make a statement.

Are you a die-hard Philo fan, or are you loving Celine’s fresh aesthetic under Slimane? Cast your vote in the poll below and have your say!

Dior 30 Montaigne vs Bobby

While Dior has long been synonymous with classic fashion through its timeless ready-to-wear and iconic handbags, under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the fashion house has expanded its repertoire in recent years to include two new flap styles.

Contemporary Cool: Dior 30 Montaigne

Unveiled by Maria Grazia Chiuri in May 2019, the 30 Montaigne line draws inspiration from its iconic address, presenting a classic flap bag that effortlessly blends timeless design with contemporary cool. Adorned with an antique gold-finish metal CD clasp, reminiscent of a Christian Dior perfume bottle seal. This bag offers versatility in abundance with an adjustable leather shoulder strap – by hand, over the shoulder, or crossbody. Elevating its appeal, the 30 Montaigne bag is available in an array of colored leathers, as well as the iconic Dior Oblique. The collection spans a spectrum of sizes, from micro to large, and showcases distinctive east-west variations. 

Image courtesy: @moonieckm

Image courtesy: @moonieckm

Dior’s Bobby Bag

If a casual chic vibe is your preference, there’s the Dior Bobby. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Fall 2020, this classic satchel-style flap bag showcases refined lines and balanced proportions. Crafted in a range of neutral hues in both grained and smooth calfskin, you can also find the Bobby in Dior Oblique. The Bobby comes in a range of sizes from east-west to large and is finished with antique gold-finish metal hardware. The classic leather strap adds versatility. Alternatively, the adjustable Dior Oblique embroidered shoulder strap makes a trendy statement. 

Image courtesy: @callherclassy

Image courtesy: @callherclassy

Head-to-Head Dior

In the dynamic world of Dior’s evolving style narrative, 30 Montaigne and Bobby bags engage in a head-to-head clash. The 30 Montaigne effortlessly blends timelessness with contemporary cool, while in contrast, the Bobby bag has a more casual satchel-style silhouette. However, these contenders, share a common trait – versatility. Available in a variety of sizes, including east-west variations, both bags offer the convenience of crossbody functionality. 

Do you lean towards Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 30 Montaigne or Bobby bag? Share your choice in the poll below.

Louis Vuitton Twist vs New Wave

Louis Vuitton aficionados are well acquainted with the brand’s iconic handbags, and in the realm of flap bags, two distinct contenders take the stage  – the LV Twist and New Wave. 

LV’s Trendy Twist

Launched in 2015, the Louis Vuitton Twist bag swiftly became a sought-after addition to the French luxury house’s lineup. With sizes spanning from the compact ‘little’ to the spacious MM, and multi-pochette variation, the Twist caters to diverse preferences. There’s a plethora of options, with everything from chain shoulder straps to quilted designs, and top handle styles. Characterized by its signature twist-turn lock design, and an unexpectedly roomy ‘wave’ shaped base, this carefully designed bag transitions effortlessly from day to night.

Image courtesy: @noorieana

Image courtesy: @tamara

Making Waves: LV’s New Wave Bag

For those drawn to Chanel’s quilted flap bag aesthetic, the New Wave offers a more financially accessible alternative. Crafted from supple quilted calf leather, this bag earns its name from its instantly recognizable V-shaped quilting. Adorned with a golden signature LV lock, similar to the LV Twist, the New Wave bag is available in sizes ranging from MM to GM, along with the multi-pochette variation. Each New Wave style features an adjustable chain shoulder strap, envelope-style flap design,  and an abundance of style.

Image courtesy: @tamara

Louis Vuitton’s Modern Marvels

Both the Twist and New Wave offer a modern twist to Louis Vuitton’s lineup. The Twist stands out with its distinctive turn lock design, while the New Wave remains classically Vuitton. Transitioning seamlessly from day to night, thanks to their versatile and removable shoulder straps, both styles redefine Louis Vuitton’s traditional handbag repertoire. 

Which of these two leather LV options do you think boasts the most luxurious and fresh design? Cast your vote below.

As the ultimate flap handbag showdown concludes, FASHIONPHILE is the one-stop shop, presenting an expansive collection that caters to every taste and style. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of the 2.55 Reissue or captivated by the contemporary flair of Louis Vuitton’s Twist, FASHIONPHILE’s expertly curated assortment features a spectrum of iconic designs that transcend fleeting trends.

Which of these must-have flag bags secured your vote as the ultimate winner?  Cast your final vote for the one that will be making its way into your collection.

Published: February 21st, 2024
Updated: February 28th, 2024

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