Five Bags to Watch at Christie’s Hong Kong Auction

Stay up late tonight if you’re in the United States as some very special bags are hitting the auction block at Christie’s Hong Kong. You may recall that there have been record-breaking prices at some of these auctions and we suspect this one will be no different.

As part of PurseBop’s continuing collaboration with Christie’s, we will keep you up to date on hot auction news.  Below you will find PurseBop’s picks to watch at the live auction May 30th at 11am Hong Kong time.  We are excited to see how these bags fare.

We hope you caught our article at but just in case you missed it and need some extra eye candy, you can read it here Evolution of a Collector. 

Which one is your personal favorite, we shared ours here on Instagram and it was a real hit (see all the comments @pursebop). 

Click image to access details at Christie’s

Click photo to access details at Christie’s.

Click image to access details at Christie’s.

Click photo to access details at Christie’s.

Stay tuned to see if one of PurseBop’s Picks breaks records.

Remember when another Birkin made history:  a non-Himalaya Birkin garnered $117,394 during Christie’s Paris handbag auction from a buyer in Hong Kong following a bidding war (read: New Birkin Breaks Auction Record).

Click photo to access the original coverage.

As part of our collaboration with Christie’s, our PurseBop community members are entitled to a little extra special care. If you are interested in curating your collection with Christie’s or if you should need any help with registration, the bidding process or would like any bag tips or advice, contact us at [email protected] or direct message us on IG @pursebop and we will make sure to get you the help you need.

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Published: May 29th, 2018
Updated: May 29th, 2018

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