Part I: A Special Hermès Holiday Reveal

This is a story that really should be narrated by Mr. Pursebop and my Hermès sales associate because I had nothing to do with this monumental event until the morning of December 24. On that day, at about 8:20am, I entered my kitchen, only to be surprised and then baffled by an unusual package sitting proudly on my counter. Upon closer examination, there was a hand written highlighter pink post-it note reading: to be opened Xmas morning with a heart. 

Morning of Dec 24th, 2022.

It wasn’t the sort of package I had ever seen before. Although, it had a traditional FedEx sleeve attached to it, there was a burlap, or rather what resembled a white potato sack, covering a box with the words Ferrari boldly written across it. As I studied the package a bit more I quickly realized the source. It had the magic number ‘706’. Now, if you know, you know. For me, 706 might be the only number that creates adrenaline rushing hormonal changes —I imagine it’s much like someone winning the mega lotto. Sidenote, I’m not really a lottery ticket buyer, we only indulge when the power ball news makes it to CNN and probably every single American has invested at least $10. 

Back to the kitchen counter. What is this unusual burlap covering secured by wire? I felt the shape of its contents with my hands — it was a box about the size of a Kelly 25, or so I thought. Mr PurseBop was ready to head out the door — I begged, literally, for some hint, anything at all. I had so many questions, but made no progress as he remained tight lipped. 

Just as soon as he left, I reached for my phone to text my sales associate. I knew it had to be her; who else could have colluded with my hubby to find me a Christmas gift from 706? 

How would the next 24 hours pass? How could I wait to even see the inside box? The burlap cover had a seal made of wire much like the anti theft devices on clothing at department stores. There was no way to get a glimpse of what was inside. 

The box sat next to the flowers we had purchased the prior night. We had hosted some friends that evening at the condo. Oddly enough, the colors and variety of florals selected had nothing to do with Christmas. Let me set the scene…  it was one of the coldest nights during that brutal week that the media coined “the polar plunge.” We were in the Whole Foods floral department — I need to premise the following by saying Mr. Pursebop normally has nothing to do with such activities, but this time as we were in the store to pick up some artisanal bread and cheeses, it occurred to me to add a burst of color to the kitchen. Each time I would reach for a dark berry or green colored flowers, he would veto it, and present me with suggestions of gerbera daisies, vibrant roses and even tulips. I mean who buys tulips on the 23rd of December… living in the Midwest during the most frigid week plaguing the entire nation? Now remember at this time I had no idea that the next morning I was going to be presented with a burlap Ferrari bag, lol… and although the relevance of the flowers is not quite clear yet, it will soon all come together, so stay with me here. To recap, we ultimately selected yellow gerbera daisies, purple tulips, orange roses, and white peonies. Talk about a springtime themed floral arrangement on the eve of Christmas Eve. I just went with his selections as truthfully I was rather impressed he was taking any interest at all. Very out of character but I chalked it up to a little holiday season romance. 

This was my IG story @pursebop on Dec 23rd evening just as guests had started to arrive and everyone was complimenting the Birkin vase of flowers. Mr PurseBop was very proudly taking credit for the selections, rightfully so.

In retrospect, the flowers were in fact a hint of what was to come. The next morning – the 24th – once I saw the Ferrari package next to the flowers, the guessing game began: white peonies — something Craie, Nata or Beton? Purple – no idea except Anemone and I already have it. Orangey roses, umm, stumped again but thought maybe Bougainvillea. Yellow brought options— there’s that Jaune Citron recently seen in mini chèvre reveals plus possibly Jaune Ambre or Lime, although neither were currently in production. By process of elimination, if the flowers were a hint, I started imagining something creamy and very light. 

Now, as to the issue of the Ferrari packaging… 

It didn’t take long to figure out, and I did vaguely remember from other reveals that Ferrari was a secured courier delivery. In other words, Hermès high value items were shipped with the Ferrari division of FedEx. These packages must be signed for with an ID, unlike traditional FedEx deliveries. Many of you confirmed the same on IG when I shared my reel. 

So if we start putting the puzzle pieces together, we have a Ferrari delivery with a few floral color options as possible clues. Could it be an exotic? An exotic K25 or B25 in Beton, Nata, or something else? These were viable options but I couldn’t think of any exotic skin being made now in shades of purple, orange or yellow. 

So perhaps using Ferrari was a red herring. Maybe it was just a safer way to deliver during the holidays and it had nothing to do with an exotic. After all, my lizard Constance and Ostrich pieces never arrived with this added service. 

Looking at the box size, I was sure it was a Kelly or Birkin 25. There were simply too many permutations and combinations, to feel confident in my sleuthing skills. Nevertheless, I scoured Instagram looking for recent reveals to see if I could catch a glimpse of any potential options. 

My sales associate and I have had recent conversations about exotics, and whether I was ready to dip my toes in this pond, but none that were conclusive. At my VIP appointment for the Madison opening, I vaguely recall the three of us talking about exotics but I thought it was in the context of being offered my ombré lizard Constance. In all fairness, I should mention that during the pandemic, I had a couple of amazing crocodile bag offers in stunning colors from my sales associate that I turned down. During that time it just didn’t feel necessary. We weren’t going anywhere and I didn’t want to dress my closet with expensive ornaments. But now having just reported the huge exotic price increases for 2023, I may regret that decision.
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Scene from my Madison appointment after the epic opening party. My SA explaining the details of the ombré lizard Constance 18.

What we did discuss was that if I were going to delve into the world of exotics, the best and most useful size for me with our lifestyle would be the Kelly 20. I have discussed with you in multiple articles through recent years why the Kelly 20, despite its impractical size, serves a very useful purpose in my life. Let me digress for a few moments to outline those again. 

#1 Easy to Carry

The very friendly carry size makes it a bag that becomes a part of your ensemble. It stays with you throughout your evening of cocktails, a reception, or any other standing gathering. When I use a Birkin or a Kelly 25, however, the bag invariably finds itself parked on some table or corner of the room we are socializing in — separate and away from me. With the mini Kelly, I am very comfortable keeping it in my hands and close to me. So in essence, it becomes a part of the outfit or the look. I have gently referred to it in previous articles as the perfect hand ornament. I may be taking it too far for some if I compare the K20 to jewelry —but I am going to. I adore wearing my minis. 

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#2 Ease of Travel

The mini Kelly 20 has to be the easiest bag to travel with as it nests safely inside virtually any other bag, tote or carry-on that might be accompanying you to a destination near or far. It can be carried in multiples as I recently did for a Miami destination wedding or just one for evenings out… be it for exotic tropical nights or the Swiss Alps apres-ski drinks. I have traveled with one tote (or Birkin) and a mini Kelly on multiple occasions. Its pint size but powerful statement make it one of my favorites to crave I every color. A girl can dream. 

Dec 2022 in Miami.

#3 Works in a Crowded Room

Imagine yourself in a densely packed room hobnobbing with friends new and old, along with a bag meant to be carried in the crook of your arm. Both you and a bigger bag are going to experience a lot of bumping. Now, put yourself seated at a Michelin star restaurant or a French café where you’re literally dining with the strangers at the neighboring table. Again, any larger bag will be cumbersome. In both situations, the mini K gets two thumbs up. Yes, you definitely could use the Carrie bag holder in the second scenario, but even then, unless you have a spacious table, the mini Kelly still wins.

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The Carrie bag holder. Click photo for more details and to order.

It would be unfair if I didn’t mention some of the cons, which, in my case, include it not being able to carry my plus size phone. If only Hermès would reintroduce that vintage sized K20. 

I’ve managed to get way off topic, so let’s regroup. This deviation came about because I was trying to hypothesize what could be inside the mystery box. From the shape and size of the cardboard box I presumed it was a Kelly or Birkin 25. Could it be an exotic 25? Maybe but my instincts said otherwise. That’s the kind of bag I would want to select and experience in person.

Back to square one, essentially I had no idea. 

Christmas Eve

After a whole day of teasing and laughing and speculating, I was able to convince Mr. Pursebop to at least remove the burlap cover so I could see the cardboard box. He obliged my wish, but it didn’t get me any closer to what was inside my 2022 Christmas mystery box. He used a pair of scissors to cut the burlap sac to bypass the need of wire cutters which we didn’t have anyway. 

Christmas Eve.

Finally the box, don’t you agree it’s the size of a 25cm bag?

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was bright and crisp. As I lay in my bed, I watched the sunrise with glee and excitement. It was only going to be a few more hours now. Christmas morning was a bit unusual this year because we were not with my entire family. If you recall, we had just returned from a 10 day Caribbean cruise in early December (all 17 of us). 

Christmas sunrise in Chicago.

Traditional tea with cookies to start the day…. at last, it was time. I was really excited but also somewhat nervous. I can’t quite articulate the feeling… maybe a cautionary excitement. Was I getting my hopes up too high with visions of mini exotics in pretty colors? What if after all this, I didn’t really like it — what then? Surprises really aren’t my thing although this past year has been embellished with several. Each escalating in significance like a crescendo. First Mother’s Day, the Marble Constance then on our Anniversary, the Tri color Kelly 25. OMG that was just beyond. 

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And now this. 

Published: January 4th, 2023
Updated: January 15th, 2023

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