Hermes Pricing: Buy One Bag, Get one Free?


Handbag math – the art of comparing prices of Hermes bags in euros to prices here in the United States – is a trademark calculation here at PurseBop. Hopefully, by now, I have convinced you that shopping for Hermes in France is by far the best deal of all the luxury brands (read: Hermes Is Your Best Buy In Paris), despite the recent price increase in Europe (read: Hermes Increases Prices in Europe). But I can’t resist concluding this series without one last computation that I know will leave a lasting impression:

Buying a Birkin in the US, is equal to buying a Birkin in France and getting a Jypsiere free! I’m not kidding you. See for yourself:

Hermes Birkin 35

RegionHermes Birkin 35
VAT Refund (approx. 10%)- €775
Cost after VAT€6,975
USD Equivalent$7,787

Hermes Jypsiere 28

RegionHermes Jypsiere 28
VAT Refund (approx. 10%)- €560
Cost after VAT€5,040
USD Equivalent$5,627

Let’s do the handbag math

Hermes Birkin 35
Total Price in US: $11,900 + $1,220 (tax 10.25%) = $13,120 total
Total Price in Europe: €7,750 – €775 (VAT refund = €6,975 = $7,787 total
What I Saved: $13,120 – $7,787 = $5,333 (~41% savings)

Hermes Jypsiere 28
Total Price in US: $8,400 + $861 (tax 10.25%) = $9,261 total
Total Price in Europe: €5,600 – €560 = €5,040 = $5,627 total
What I Saved: $9,261 – $5,627 = $3,634 (~40% savings)

In other words, by purchasing in Paris I saved about $5333 on the Birkin and the the Jypsiere was $5623. Doesn’t that amount to getting the Jypsiere for free?? My total outlay of buying the Plomb B35 here would have been $13,120 in total, but in Paris I got the Jypsiere for free!

Buy One Birkin, Get Jypsiere Free.

Be sure to read the prologue, this is after all where we began the series: Where’s the H Stamp Gone?

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Published: February 20th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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2 Responses to “Hermes Pricing: Buy One Bag, Get one Free?”

  • 3 words: OH MY GOD ???? unbelievable!!!! This makes Miss MVP and Miss Caroline even more special and perfect ?❤️! Way to go ??????❤️❤️❤️???

  • You used to include the customs fee for people bringing their bags back to the US when doing your handbag math. With the inclusion of the fee, there was a much more transparent pricing analysis.