How to Pack a Birkin

So you’ve scored: you’ve somehow landed the coveted Birkin in a foreign place and now you need to bring the baby home. One of the most frequently asked travel questions I receive is about packing…

“How do you pack your Birkin?”

IMG_1977 (1)

Now what? Mr. PurseBop was not here to rescue my packing mission. How to pack my Hermes bags including their boxes?

Now what? I couldn’t rely on Mr. PurseBop’s luggage for extra capacity. I was on my own to find space for two bags and boxes.

Fortunately I had done my homework before the trip, planning and experimenting before leaving Chicago with my shopping goals in mind.

I began with the understanding that in order to accommodate Hermes (or other brand) boxes in my suitcases I had to leave Chicago lightly packed. A daunting (and presumptious) task for PurseBop, but I was determined to prepare for the best. I took only one handbag with me to Paris. One bag for an entire trip. I had never done this before! I chose wisely, and ultimately was pleased with my selection: my Chanel mink jumbo from a couple of years ago.

Why you ask?

  • super light weight
  • squishy or let’s say ‘collapsible’  ~ an important detail should it need to be packed
  • spacious ~ fits even my gloves and my hat
  • fits comfortably cross body
  • stylish and luxurious enough for evenings out but not boring

TSA security Chicago: Chanel mink jumbo bag and Rene Caovilla blingy boots.


The below picture is one I took the evening I landed. Everything I packed from home was going to have to be able to fit in the spaces I am about to share with you in detail.


Back ‘home sweet home’ with my orange boxes and new Hermes baggies.

Both Hermes bags, the Birkin 35 (Miss MVP) and the Jypsiere 28 (Miss Caroline) and their respective boxes are going to be packed as follows…


Let’s start with the Birkin 35 box. Keep in mind this packing formula would work for any box smaller in size too (K35, K32 and B30).


My new Plomb Birkin 35 ~ Can u manage to see the hints of grey in this ‘nearly black’ shade from Hermes?

I had confirmed by test run before leaving home that a Birkin 35 box would fit comfortably (without any crushing) in my Tumi 26 inch suitcase. The box was placed centered in the deeper half of the suitcase and the nylon zippered divider was ignored. The only space left for packing would be that to each side of the box. This space was enough to account for my 50/50 Stuart Weitzman boots ( I never travel without these and also wrote about them once ages ago), my toiletries and any extra clothes that did not fit inside the Birkin box.


Birkin 35 box centered in the deeper half of the Tumi suitcase.


The deep space left for packing to each side of the box.

The actual Birkin was removed from its box and this space was used to pack all my clothing. I did not disturb the inside packing of the box and this space proved to be deceptively spacious for my pants, tops and a light sweater. The box was then closed.


Spacious interior of the Hermes Birkin 35 box used for packing clothing.


The suitcase zips comfortably around the filled box and neatly packed open spaces to each side of the box.

Next up: the Jypsiere 28 in Blue Paon. Keep in mind the same packing formula would apply if packing a K32, K28, K25 or even a B25 (same size box).


Jypsiere 28 in Blue Paon, Clemence leather and Palladium Hardware.

The Jypsiere 28 was packed the exact same way as the Birkin except that the bag was in its original orange box. In fact, I did not even undo the ribbons and placed it as is into the deeper side of the Tumi 22 inch carry-on. Since this was carry-on luggage, there was no need to unpack the Jypsiere box at all. The two empty sections on the sides of the box were filled as I explained earlier. Other smaller boxes and items were placed on either side of the box as shown below. There really was ample space if garments were neatly rolled and tucked. I had a little space on top of the box for a few magazines and to wrap the box with my pajamas the morning of departure. This secured everything in place. The suitcase comfortably zipped around with all items tightly secure.


Shown for example: Packed to sides of the box are a rollled Joie sweater and a CDC box to give you an idea of how much space there is. The Jypsiere box is placed unopened inside the carry-on.

Now let’s pack the actual Birkin 35. One option would have been to simply hand carry the B35 home but I had several other things that needed to be carried since my carry on luggage was now completely packed with the Jypsiere box. I like my belongings all neatly tucked away, no visible brand labels and I do not carry any additional shopping bags that could draw attention.

I purchased an extra large Longchamp Pilage Tote for 82 euros from their brand store at Charles de Gaulle airport upon arrival for our departure. This particular size I had not seen here in the U.S. before. There was only an expanadable version that could fit a Birkin 35 available at Nordstroms that I had investigated. This version was not an expandable tote yet perfectly zipped around all of the following:

(note* the Birkin 35 handles were not bent in this extra -large Longchamp tote) 

I wore my Chanel mink jumbo cross body through security to keep VAT forms/passport/ticket/phone handy, but once in the lounge everything was packed up neatly like this:


Longchamp Extra Large Pilage contents: fastened Birkin 35, GM Goyard Tote, Kate Spade computer case with laptop, Chanel mink jumbo, miscellaneous smaller boxes.

In summary:
I had one Tumi suitcase checked into the airlines that contained an empty Birkin 35 box plus essentials.

My carry on luggage included the 22 inch Tumi suitcase containing the Jypsiere in its original box & the Longchamp tote containing details as above.


My total luggage.

Girls Headed Home: carry on luggage for all 4 of us at Charles De Gaulle airport, ready to board. Can you spy my Hermes bags?

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What we’ve covered so far:

  • What’s yet to come:
  • Pricing Discussion
  • Loose ends needed to wrap up the series The Hermes Celebration
  • The Hermes Celebration

Stay tuned my friends…

Love your PurseBop

Published: February 16th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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3 Responses to “How to Pack a Birkin”

  • Very good technique ?????? specially since you didn’t check in any of your treasures ?❤️???

  • URGENT FOR TRAVELLERS ON EASYJET AND RYAN AIR: In time for long holiday weekend the enemy has changed the measurements on carry-on baggage and limitations! Just picked up my friend on flight from Italy and she was forced to check her carryon at gate at extortion price of euros 45 and had to repack all because her new birkin was inside!!! New limit is 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm and INCLUDES handles and wheels and expanded zipper!! They would not allow the 8 cm height difference about 3 inches although all other measurements were smaller than new limit! So please keep the packing instructions need more if you are flying within Europe! Thanks much/

  • HELP! Please PurseBop, I could not find the extra large Longchamp Pilage Tote for 82 euros at CDG–maybe because I was only flying from Paris to Gatwick.

    Can you give me the exact measurements in inches or cm please? Does it have a removable shoulder strap??

    How was your trip to Hermes sale in freezing cold Paris? I was in south of France with sunshine and no pollution.

    Many thanks