Hermes Summer Sale 2016

Hermes & SALE, really???

Yes really! A few months ago, January 15th, 2016 to be exact, I had the opportunity to attend the winter Hermes sale in Paris.  The sale is open to the public – that is if you are willing to weather the long grueling lines. We (the four of us that ventured to Paris on a girls trip) covered the experience extensively, and as requested by you, promised to keep you updated on the next time around.

The confirmed sale dates are June 22nd, 23rd and the 24th for three consecutive days. I’m going to take a leap and say it will be at  Le Palais de Congress Paris once again. From what I understand, the layout and experience should be very similar to what we experienced in January.

Anyone intending to make the trip out, I highly encourage you read our personal stories to help you prepare and budget. Below is a brief summary of our Hermes Sale coverage. Continue on to the full features for even more information!



Even hearing the words “Hermes” and “Sale” may spark a million questions in your mind! Let’s go through the what, when, where, and how of everything…

Hermes hosts a sale twice a year in Paris, in January and then in June. Last year, it was held in the Congress Center “Le Palais de Congress Paris” and the venue was divided into sections for jewelry, scarves and shawls, hats and gloves, housewares, ready-to-wear, shoes and other goods. If you’re curious about how the whole shopping process worked, I provide a detail rundown of everything from waiting in line to instructions for purchasing. To make the most out of the H sales, you’ll want to prepare and rest up!

For more information about the sale layout and the “how to’s”, read the full feature Hermes on Sale? HERE.


Our early morning arrival at Le Palais Des Congrès on the third day of the sale, read more here.


Hermes sale shoes. To see more sale sections, read here.

So, you’ve read a little bit more about the factual details of the elusive Hermes Sale. Most importantly though, you may be wondering what kind of H goods you can score at the sale. Each of the fashionistas I went shopping with provided an in-depth look at their Hermes Sale hauls to help you get an idea of the items available. We’ve even included our sales receipts to share the handbag math (breakdown of exactly how much we saved) with you. Of course, we cannot guarantee the exact sort of items will be available again.
We also share our takeaway experiences and tips for next time too!

For more information about sale items and shopping advice, read the full feature The Hermes Sale Goodies HERE.


Gina123 shares her Paris shopping haul, including the sale items she scored, read more here.


@pursebop shares the sale Hermes clic clac scores along with the complete handbag math to show savings, read more here.

Hopefully these dates and our useful tips help you plan your trip if the H sale is on your radar!

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