Shopping Adventures in France

“Champagne and Chanel” is fun until the choices have to be made. We hit every stop that day and had seen our fair share of boxes. White, orange, and now black. I sat in front of three Chanel boxes, and fantasized about the promise that each one held inside. Which box contained the ONE? Picking was impossible…


Memorable but ‘expensive fun’ had by all at Chanel, Monte Carlo.

Curious about my final decisions?

I have many surprises to reveal from my recent trip to France despite the suggestive hints I have dropped along the way  @pursebop IG. I’ve endlessly teased you with snippets from the #pursebopsinFRANCE hashtag, but the time has finally come… to share not just all my indulgences but also the many more gorgeous treasures my fabulous fashionista friends were also trying to fit in their suitcases the eve before we left.

Shopping in France has been a topic of conversation here at PurseBop for many months now. Brands taking on new pricing strategies combined with the fluctuating Euro has changed the shopping landscape considerably. I had the opportunity to explore these trends first hand and have much to report.

I took the wealth of shopping knowledge shared here  by fellow boppers with me on my journey  to further solidify the pricing concepts discussed related to Chanel and Hermes. 

More than anything, I look forward to sharing my personal experiences and observations to better serve the many shopping fashionistas out there heading to Europe . I welcome any thoughts, questions or suggestions on our discussion platform BopTalk. Let’s create an engaging and helpful resource for all of us!


On our way ~ O’hare… clearly TSA pre-check doesn’t work for International flights, ugghh! Review Hermes Bags and Travel . I know many would not have traveled with a Birkin in hopes of bringing a new one home, but I couldn’t resist my Birthday Birkin.


Posing with bestie… British Airways Club Lounge, Heathrow Airport.


During our layover in London, my girlfriend spotted the Jane Birkin Hermes crocodile story in The Independence. Naturally we reported the story LIVE to you. Her croc B35 was the perfect model for the article.


We visited the luxury stores at Heathrow to begin price shopping. Inventory was good, but we anticipated better prices and selections in France.

We (Mr. PurseBop and I) had the delightful privilege of sharing our travels with 4 other very dear couples. Together we rented an exquisite villa in Saint Tropez that served as our home base. Each day was it’s own adventure – we took daily road trips (or yacht ones) to nearby vineyards and cities and drove to Monte Carlo, Cannes, Aix en Provence, and Nice.


Cote d’Azur – a sight to see…


Hermes, Saint Tropez


Crystal clear blue waters… my Beachkin was the perfect #bagoftheday when yachting.


View from the front door of Hermes, Monte Carlo.


Cheers from lunch at La Rèserve Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez. The most breathtaking view.


Château Minuty, Gassin


Lunch at Le Ponent Plage au La Croix Valmer.

One would think from our scenes of shopping indulgences that we spent all our times in boutiques. But in all honesty, the damage was done at bullet speed, in record breaking short bursts, and only in the limited allotted time by our hubbies who quickly grew weary of our retail sprees.


PurseBop scores at Hermes, Saint Tropez. Mr. PurseBop and his best buddy join in the traditional ‘post score’ shot.


Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez was a frequent refreshment & meeting spot as it was literally outside Chanel and just a few blocks away from Hermes.


My most travelled golden patent boy bag awaiting the fabulous royal treatment received at pop up Chanel location, Saint Tropez.


Hermes, Saint Tropez


Gathering the goodies back at the villa after a hard days work at Hermes, Aix en Provence.


Champagne break at Hotel de Paris, Saint Tropez.


Peeking through the Chanel Saint Tropez gates on Sunday wishing they were open.


The packing nightmare the eve of departure. Many lessons learned that we will discuss in detail.

Here’s the plan:

After considerable deliberation I have decided that I will present each of my friend’s complete shopping scores in a separate post. We will compare prices paid in France versus the cost here in the US. Additionally I have asked each of our lovely ladies a few questions regarding their decision making processes.  At any point, I urge you to jump in on BopTalk and ask questions or even make suggestions as to how to improve the presentation of materials. I am hoping to make this an interactive series.

Sharing a hop scotch of random pictures from the group, there are many more where these came from with the hashtag #pursebopsinFRANCE on IG.


Twin owners of ‘Pretty You’, Monte Carlo.


An afternoon at Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo etched in my memory forever… Chanel gold boy bag.


Laduree, Saint Tropez.


“Girls just wanna have fun…”, bag selfie outside Hotel de Paris, Saint Tropez.

Published: October 2nd, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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