Hermes Winter Sale

It’s been nearly one year since my last visit to Paris with my girlfriends where we had the opportunity to attend the Hermes sale. The sale is open to the public – that is if you are willing to weather the long grueling lines. We (the four of us that ventured to Paris on a girls trip) covered the experience extensively, We promised to keep you in the loop with all details… so with only 6 days left to go to the winter sale on January 11th, we thought it would be prudent to prepare those of you lucky enough to attend this year.

Ready? We highly encourage you read our personal stories to help you prepare and budget. Below is a brief summary of our exclusive Hermes Sale coverage. Continue on to the full features for even more information!

Even though the idea of “Hermes on Sale” seems too good to be true, you can indeed purchase some H items at a discount every so often at Hermes’ elusive winter and summer sales. Read all of the details about how the event works in this informative post.

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Hermes White Sale Bags ~ @PurseBop

Curious what kind of things you can score at the Hermes Sale? Take a peek at PurseBop’s haul from last year along with handbag math to see the savings. A few fashionistas from the trip also chimed in with advice for navigating the sale.

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Report to the BopTalk threads to ask all your pressing questions about the sale this year and share your own advice as well!

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Happy Shopping!

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Published: January 4th, 2017
Updated: May 20th, 2017

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8 Responses to “Hermes Winter Sale”

  • It’s just so strange, I don’t know how I would feel at first, but I am happy to see it’s not ladies running over each other !!! I always thought of craziness around, I am glad it’s controlled…is it a good prize discount? Really worth it ??

  • Quite helpful in prepping to go to an Hermès sale hopefully in the not too distant future! Any leads on a summer Hermès sale date??

  • how time flies… I remember it as if was yesterday… snatching amazing items (the iridescent Boys your friend bought for her and her daughter are unforgetable), the H sale….

  • Hi dear, remember me? I came back from the Paris 2018 sale empty handed and disgusted! Reducing the sale from 4 days to 2 days has done nothing but create chaos and longer lines and grumpier customers. The resellers were out in even larger numbers than last year and the rudeness was just shocking. There is NOTHING in the world that I want/need/covet enough to wait in line for 1 hour let alone 9 hours. And the security men were disgusting and totally unhelpful to even little ladies like myself with a walking cane. Yes, I did write management a letter but frankly they don’t give a damn and neither do I. That is a January and June stop that goes off my family to do list!! And yes, it cheapens the brand entirely to see the fancy flea market!

  • I do remember you, how are you? It is so strange you reached out just now and I am so glad because I was just thinking about those sales again now because @pursebop just mentioned it: last week I was wondering:Geez I wish I could go one year, but after I read your article now, I feel so bad for you: what a horrible experience, it’s so not right and it makes the iconic Name look so bad: it’s so not the experience I would want, I am so sorry, I would be so disgusted myself xxx

  • I am so like you, I don’t need it that much to go through all that, it takes away all the fun to buy something nice ????

  • Sitting in sun with my 2 dogs and apertif without coat in Menton. Only trace of Hermes on me is a scarf plisse which now I may be forced to treasure even more. New sales people at Hermes have no idea what I was asking for.. remember I am Parisian French so not language problem. So I even left boutique in disgust. Not only has qualitu of leather goods including my last working gone down but now they seem to cater only to nouveau riche who know nothing about real beauty of brand. Come visit us in Menton. Closest Hermes is Monaco where at least there is some elegance. Sad and shame on greed of management.

  • I am so glad you and me are thinking alike, and at the same time so sad to hear from you, a true Parisian lady with a long background with la Maison Hermès, it is shocking to me to hear the quality is no longer the same!!! Yet I saw it happening with the other brand Name: Gucci, LV not sure about Chanel, and it truly disappointed me… Ah! Oui Monaco, c’est encore toujours la classe and I hope it will stay like that, profitez bien du sud qui est si beau!