Louis Vuitton Global Price Increase 2024

It’s never good news when prices on your favorite handbags rise, but Louis Vuitton clients likely can breathe a sigh of relief, for now, in light of what appear to be relatively light increases in 2024. On July 2, 2024, the global price adjustments ranged from 1.3% to 4% in the United States and [put in range for EU]. Unlike its luxury goods rivals, Hermès (up 3.7% to 9.6%) and Chanel (up 2.8%-8.3%) that imposed substantial price increases earlier this year, Louis Vuitton’s hewed closer to and below current inflation rates in the United States (3-3.3%) and Europe (2.5%). And prices were stable for some bag styles – like the ever-popular Speedy and Neverfull.

In even better news, at least for Americans purchasing abroad, prices in Europe remain lower than in the United States. Despite the potential for a global price harmonization plan, such as what Chanel typically implements, there is an opportunity for travel shopping bargains, as you’ll see below. 

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Let’s break down the changes – and see which styles will take a bit more from your bank account. Iconic styles such as the Speedy (excluding the Nano Speedy) and Neverfull have not experienced any price increase. In contrast, more substantial hikes were applied to lines like the Capucines and the Carryall. 

While most products saw consistent price changes across both regions, a few exceptions exist. For example, the Multi Pochette Accessories and Alma BB Epi experienced a slight increase in the US, but not in the EU.

And don’t worry if you’ve got your heart set on the timeless Neverfull of Speedy – their price tags remain unchanged. The only exception within the Speedy family is the cute and compact Nano Speedy, which saw a price adjustment, rising by 2.2% or $40 in the US, and 3.3% or €50 in the EU.

For those with the Capucines Mini at the top of their LV wishlist, the prices rose by 4% in the US and 3.7% in the EU. In cash – that’s an extra $250 or €250. Meanwhile, the popular OnTheGo tote received an average of 1.5% increase across the board in the US, and 3.2% in the EU.  A newer addition to LV’s lineup, the GO-14 MM, experienced a 2.2% increase in the US and 3.3% in the EU, amounting to an extra $150 or €200.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the most recent prices. . .

US Prices

Here are the updated prices in the US for the Speedy in Monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (USD)New Price July 2, 2024 (USD)Price Increase (USD)Increase (%)
Nano Speedy$1,760$1,800$402.2%
Speedy 30$1,550$1,550No IncreaseNo Increase
Speedy 35$1,620$1,620No IncreaseNo Increase
Speedy Bandoulière 25$1,820$1,820No IncreaseNo Increase
Speedy Bandoulière 30$1,890$1,890No IncreaseNo Increase
Speedy Bandoulière 35$1,960$1,960No IncreaseNo Increase
Speedy Bandoulière 40$2,030$2,030No IncreaseNo Increase

Image courtesy: Red

Here are the updated prices in the US for other Monogram canvas styles, including the Alma, Keepall, and Neverfull.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (USD)New Price July 2, 2024 (USD)Price Increase (USD)Increase (%)
Alma BB$1,820$1,820No increaseNo increase
Alma PM$1,960$1,960No increaseNo increase
Atlantis GM$3,100$3,150$501.6%
CarryAll PM$2,450$2,550$1004%
CarryAll MM$2,570$2,670$1003.8%
Croissant MM$3,100$3,150$501.6%
Keepall Bandoulière 45$2,440$2,490$502%
Keepall Bandoulière 50$2,500$2,550$502%
Keepall Bandoulière 55$2,570$2,620$501.9%
Keepall Bandoulière 60$2,640$2,690$501.8%
Loop$2,370$2,370No increaseNo increase
Loop Hobo$2,780$2,840$602%
Multi Pochette Accessoires$2,570$2,620$501.9%
Neverfull PM$1,960$1,960No increaseNo increase
Neverfull MM$2,030$2,030No increaseNo increase
Neverfull GM$2,100$2,100No increaseNo increase
Nano Noé$1,620$1,650$301.8%
Noé BB$1,730$1,730No increaseNo increase
Petit Noé$1,780$1,780No increaseNo increase
Noé$1,840$1,840No increaseNo increase
OnTheGo MM$3,100$3,150$501.6%
OnTheGo GM$3,250$3,300$501.5%
Palm Springs Mini$2,440$2,490$502%
Palm Springs MM$2,710$2,760$501.8%
Pochette Métis$2,570$2,620$501.9%

Image courtesy: @verakautto

And finally, some other popular leather styles. . .

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (USD)New Price July 2, 2024 (USD)Price Increase (USD)Increase (%)
Alma BB Epi$1,960$2,020$503%
Alma PM Epi$2,570$2,620$501.9%
Capucines Mini$6,100$6,350$2504%
Capucines BB$6,750$7,000$2503.7%
Capucines MM$7,450$7,550$1001.3%
Pico GO-14$4,450$4,550$1002.2%
GO-14 MM$6,750$6,900$1502.2%
Noé BB Epi$2,720$2,770$501.8%
Noé MM Epi$3,100$3,150$501.6%
Néonoé BB Empreinte$2,590$2,640$501.9%
Néonoé MM Empreinte$2,710$2,760$501.8%
OnTheGo PM Empreinte$3,250$3,300$501.5%
OnTheGo MM Empreinte$3,400$3,450$501.4%
OnTheGo GM Empreinte$3,500$3,550$501.4%

Image courtesy: @tamara

Savings for Americans Shopping in the EU

Generally, Louis Vuitton products tend to be less expensive in the EU, before accounting for VAT refunds. This pattern persists even after the recent price increases, with some exceptions. 

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For example, the Capucines Mini now costs $6,350 in the US (up 4%) and €5,500 in the EU (up 3.7%), or $5930 at current exchange rates. As a result, an American shopping in Paris could save about $440 on this bag before considering VAT refunds.

Image courtesy: @decoranddesigner

The OnTheGo tote in PM size rose to $3,300 (up 1.5%) in the US and €2,700 (up 3.8%) – or $2912 –  in the EU, offering potential savings of just under $400 for US shoppers in Europe.

Image courtesy: @selvaggia.may

Interestingly, it seems that the Nano Noé price is now $22 more for Americans in Paris versus buying at home. Of course, US state sales tax, if applicable, would far exceed that $25 – so the EU likely remains a better deal. The Nano Noé is now $1,650 in the US (up 1.8%) and €1,550 (or $1672) in the EU (up 3.3%). 

Image courtesy: @mkch.4luxe

Canada Prices

Here are the updated prices in Canada for the Speedy.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (CAD)New Price July 2, 2024 (CAD)Price Increase (CAD)Increase (%)
Nano Speedy$2,410$2,460$502%
Speedy 30$2,170$2,170No increaseNo increase
Speedy 35$2,2,50$2,2,50No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 25$2,490$2,490No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 30$2,570$2,570No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 35$2,650$2,650No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 40$2,730$2,730No increaseNo increase

Here are the updated prices in Canada for other handbag styles.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (CAD)New Price July 2, 2024 (CAD)Price Increase (CAD)Increase (%)
Alma BB$2,510$2,510No increaseNo increase
Alma PM$2,650$2,650No increaseNo increase
Atlantis GM$4,000$4,100$1002.5%
CarryAll PM$3,300$3,450$1504.5%
CarryAll MM$3,450$3,600$1504.3%
Croissant MM$4,000$4,100$1002.5%
Graceful PM$2,330$2,380$502.1%
Graceful MM$2,490$2,540$502%
Keepall Bandoulière 45$3,350$3,400$501.4%
Keepall Bandoulière 50$3,450$3,500$501.4%
Keepall Bandoulière 55$3,550$3,600$501.4%
Keepall Bandoulière 60$3,600$3,650$501.4%
Loop$3,150$3,150No increaseNo increase
Loop Hobo$3,600$3,650$501.4%
Multi Pochette Accessoires$3,450$3,500$501.4%
Neverfull PM$2,500$2,500No increaseNo increase
Neverfull MM$2,580$2,580No increaseNo increase
Neverfull GM$2,670$2,670No increaseNo increase
Nano Noé$2,410$2,460$502%
Noé BB$2,570$2,570No increaseNo increase
Petit Noé$2,650$2,650No increaseNo increase
Noé$2,730$2,730No increaseNo increase
Palm Springs Mini$3,200$3,250$501.5%
Palm Springs MM$3,550$3,600$501.4%
Pochette Métis$3,450$3,500$501.4%
Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (CAD)New Price July 2, 2024 (CAD)Price Increase (CAD)Increase (%)
Alma BB Epi$2,570$2,650$803.1%
Alma PM Epi$3,250$3,300$501.5%
Capucines Mini$7,800$8,100$3003.8%
Capucines BB$8,700$9,000$3003.4%
Capucines MM$9,500$9,650$1501.5%
Pico GO-14$5,650$5,750$1001.7%
GO-14 MM$8,850$9,050$2002.2%
Noé BB Epi$3,550$3,600$501.4%
Noé MM Epi$4,000$4,100$1002.5%
Néonoé BB Empreinte$3,400$3,450$501.4%
Néonoé MM Empreinte$3,550$3,600$501.4%
OnTheGo PM Empreinte$4,200$4,300$1002.3%
OnTheGo MM Empreinte$4,350$4,450$1002.2%
OnTheGo GM Empreinte$4,500$4,600$1002.2%

Image courtesy: @verakautto

Europe Prices

Here are the new confirmed prices in Europe for the Speedy.

Louis Vuitton Speedy SizesPrevious Price June 230, 024 (EUR)New Price July 2, 2024 (EUR)Price Increase (EUR)Increase (%)
Nano Speedy€1,500€1,550€503.3%
Speedy Bandoulière 25€1,550€1,550No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 30€1,600€1,600No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 35€1,650€1,650No increaseNo increase

Here are the updated prices in Europe for other handbag styles.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (EUR)New Price July 2, 2024 (EUR)Price Increase (EUR)Increase (%)
Alma BB€1,550€1,550No increaseNo increase
Alma PM€1,650€1,650No increaseNo increase
Atlantis GM€2,500€2,600€1004%
CarryAll PM€2,150€2,300€1506.9%
CarryAll MM€2,250€2,400€1506.6%
Croissant MM€2,500€2,600€1004%
Keepall Bandoulière 45€2,100€2,150€502.3%
Keepall Bandoulière 50€2,150€2,200€502.3%
Keepall Bandoulière 55€2,200€2,250€502.2%
Keepall Bandoulière 60€2,550€2,600€501.9%
Loop€1,950€1,950No increaseNo increase
Loop Hobo€2,250€2,300€502.2%
Multi Pochette Accessoires€2,150€2,150No increaseNo increase
Neverfull PM€1,450€1,450No increaseNo increase
Neverfull MM€1,500€1,500No increaseNo increase
Neverfull GM€1,550€1,550No increaseNo increase
Nano Noé€1,500€1,550€503.3%
Noé BB€1,600€1,600No increaseNo increase
Noé€1,700€1,700No increaseNo increase
OnTheGo MM€2,450€2,550€1002%
OnTheGo GM€2,550€2,650€1003.9%
Palm Springs Mini€2,000€2,050€502.5%
Pochette Métis€2,150€2,200€502.3%
Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (EUR)New Price July 2, 2024 (EUR)Price Increase (EUR)Increase (%)
Nano Alma Epi€1,550€1,550No increaseNo increase
Alma BB Epi€1,650€1,650No increaseNo increase
Alma PM Epi€2,000€2,050€502.5%
Capucines Mini€5,300€5,500€2003.7%
Capucines BB€5,900€6,100€2003.3%
Capucines MM€6,400€6,500€1001.5%
Pico GO-14€3,500€3,600€1002.8%
GO-14 MM€6,000€6,200€2003.3%
Noé BB Epi€2,200€2,250€502.2%
Noé MM Epi€2,500€2,550€502%
Néonoé BB Empreinte€2,100€2,150€502.3%
Néonoé MM Empreinte€2,200€2,250€502.2%
OnTheGo PM Empreinte€2,600€2,700€1003.8%
OnTheGo MM Empreinte€2,700€2,800€1003.7%
OnTheGo GM Empreinte€2,800€2,900€1002.5%

Image courtesy: @louisvuitton.riri

UK Prices

Here are the updated prices in the UK for the Speedy.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (GBP)New Price July 2, 2024 (GBP)Price Increase (GBP)Increase (%)
Nano Speedy£1,380£1,380No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 25£1,420£1,420No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 30£1,470£1,470No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 35£1,510£1,510No increaseNo increase
Speedy Bandoulière 40£1,560£1,560No increaseNo increase

Here are the updated prices in UK for other handbag styles.

Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (GBP)New Price July 2, 2024 (GBP)Price Increase (GBP)Increase (%)
Alma BB£1,430£1,430No increaseNo increase
Alma PM£1,510£1,510No increaseNo increase
Atlantis GM£2,290£2,320£301.3%
CarryAll PM£1,880£1,940£603.1%
CarryAll MM£1,970£2,030£503%
Croissant MM£2,220£2,250£301.3%
Keepall Bandoulière 45£1,930£1,960£301.5%
Keepall Bandoulière 50£1,970£2,000£301.5%
Keepall Bandoulière 55£2,020£2,050£301.5%
Keepall Bandoulière 60£2,340£2,380£401.7%
Loop£1,790£1,790No increaseNo increase
Loop Hobo£2,060£2,090£301.4%
Multi Pochette Accessoires£1,970£2,000£301.5%
Neverfull PM£1,360£1,360No increaseNo increase
Neverfull MM£1,410£1,410No increaseNo increase
Neverfull GM£1,450£1,450No increaseNo increase
Nano Noé£1,380£1,400£201.4%
Noé BB£1,470£1,470No increaseNo increase
Noé£1,560£1,560No increaseNo increase
OnTheGo MM£2,250£2,280£201.3%
OnTheGo GM£2,340£2,380£401.7%
Palm Springs Mini£1,830£1,860£301.6%
Pochette Métis£1,970£2,000£301.5%
Louis Vuitton Bag StylePrevious Price June 30, 2024 (GBP)New Price July 2, 2024 (GBP)Price Increase (GBP)Increase (%)
Nano Alma Epi£1,430£1,430No increaseNo increase
Alma PM Epi£1,830£1,860£301.6%
Capucines Mini£5,100£5,100No increaseNo increase
Capucines BB£5,650£5,650No increaseNo increase
Capucines MM£6,150£6,150No increaseNo increase
Pico GO-14£3,200£3,250£501.5%
GO-14 MM£5,350£5,450£501.8%
Noé BB Epi£1,870£1,870No increaseNo increase
Noé MM Epi£2,180£2,180No increaseNo increase
Néonoé BB Empreinte£1,870£1,900£301.6%
Néonoé MM Empreinte£2,020£2,020No increaseNo increase
OnTheGo PM Empreinte£2,380£2,420£401.6%
OnTheGo MM Empreinte£2,480£2,520£401.6%
OnTheGo GM Empreinte£2,570£2,610£401.5%

Image courtesy: @rachelyvonnehatley

What are your thoughts on this latest price hike? Will you still be purchasing LV in the US, or planning a shopping trip to Paris? Let us know. 

Published: July 3rd, 2024
Updated: July 3rd, 2024

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