Louis Vuitton Petites Malles, Yay or Nay?

Fashionistas can we talk Petite Malles for a moment?

I’m not sharing some groundbreaking handbag news, nor the glimpse of the new S/S IT bag…

What I am doing here is documenting a possible ‘late to the party’ obsession of mine that got prompted by my own @PurseBop Instagram bag selfies of last night. The Petite Malles has been on my mind for some time now but manages to get side tracked… After a dear girlfriend brought her new treasure ‘out to play’ last night, my wheels of  ‘purse’ thought started churning and prompted a thorough investigation today… (had I known in advance I would be sitting down to write this story, I would have taken a different approach to my photography, LOL)




These bags were first seen in the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 Runway show, which also happen to be the debut collection of the new Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière.  The Petite-Malle bags were their most sought after runway show bag of the season.

These mini trunks (translation: petite malles)  find themselves on waiting lists in nearly every style and fabrication. The Malle is available in three versions: Monogram and Damier canvas, Epi leather and Metallic Epi. The interiors are lined with luxurious lambskin and measure a very tiny 7” x 4”.7 x 1”.5. and are adorned with three crosses signed by photographer Albert Kahn.

Now there are some new versions coming out for S/S and there are even a few cruise versions, but none that really capture the essence of the original releases for me personally.

While handbag aficionados were getting their names down on early waiting lists, I was a drowning in our new website developments so totally missed the early boat!

What do you say, is this a PurseBop must have? They are still available with a wait, and rumor has it some will become a part of the permanent LV collection.

Let’s review options:

(Photo courtesy for all: Louis Vuitton)

Monogram and Damier Canvas



Epi Leather


 12  11  5  7

Metallic Epi






You all know PurseBop has a thing for bling, and understated is really not my thing, LOL

Please share your thoughts…

Love Your PurseBop



ok folks, so the Petite Malle that I ordered has not arrived yet and I discovered this is a S/S version with a sort of metallic silver finish on the LV lettering….


I am going to add this version to the poll, and need your help in deciding! Please PICK for me… your thoughts?

Let’s see if your opinions change…

Love PurseBop

Just for fun, last nights details… @pursebop


Published: December 13th, 2014
Updated: June 20th, 2019

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8 Responses to “Louis Vuitton Petites Malles, Yay or Nay?”

  • I was looking for the option “none, because Stylofashionista wants them all to herself” hahaha…

    I’m a big fan of the petite malle, and have 2 of them myself. But after seeing your pics, I WANT MORE! (especially a metalic! It’s the only style I’m missing now :p)

    Good luck babe :)

  • I think the Petit Malle is soooo adorable ❤️ Of course your Boy steals all the attention in your pics

  • I have the black epi (had to wait 10 weeks for that one!) and just got the monogram (the customer who ordered it never returned to pay for it so my SA offered it to me!) – my instragram ID is stylofasionista if you wanted to my pics of my babies ;)

    But now I feel like I need a metallic to comeplete the “set” – you’re such a bad influence!!! :P

    I can’t wait for your LV reveal!!

  • I got the black epi first (was on the waitlist for 10 weeks for that one!), and then just recently for the monogram (the customer who ordered it didn’t end up coming back to pay for it so my SA offered it to me!). You can see my pics of my babies on my instragram – my ID is Stylofashionista :D

    Now after seeing your post though, I feel that I also need a metallic to complete the “set” !! :P

    I can’t wait to see your own LV reveal!!!