New Record Set for Most Expensive Birkin Sold

Image courtesy WSJ

It feels like just yesterday we reported the news of the most expensive Hermes Birkin sold, but it seems the stakes keep getting higher!

WSJ Christina Binkley reports today that a rare Hermes Birkin with diamonds has sold for $298,000, breaking the previous Christies record of $222,000.

If you are wondering just what kind of handbag could command a price tag that high… “a rare Hermès 35cm Birkin shiny porosus crocodile bag in a fire-engine red called ‘braise’ manufactured in France in 2008. Its hardware features 10.08 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds in 171 grams of 18K white gold” writes Binkley.

The bag had been bought and resold twice since it’s original purchase for $160,000 from the Hermes mothership in NYC. The bag was finally sold by Jeffrey Berk of Privé Porter to a Los Angelos representative for an unknown investor.

Let’s be realistic here, not all of our ordinary Birkin bags are going to sell for double. In fact, the reseller market prices for the elusive Jane B’s are definitely down. But this sale reinforces the ideal that Hermes bags are likely the only ones that can be justified as investments in the long run (read: Gold, S&P 500, or Hermes Birkin?).

In a video interview, Binkley and Tanya Rivero discuss the record-setting Birkin and continue the debate whether handbags should be investment-worthy pieces.

Published: April 14th, 2016
Updated: May 28th, 2017

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1 Responses to “New Record Set for Most Expensive Birkin Sold”

  • Well! I am a lover of beautiful craftsmanship, if I had the means I would probably indulge tremendously, what I have now, I enjoy it every day…the bag is to die for, but I need to say! To much is to much!! I don’t mean to rain on any ones parade, but I will be very guilty to walk around with a $280’000 bag..How far can all this go??? When I see poverty around the corner…Considering reality of life, and I step out and see someone else struggle….$10’000 for a bag is already a huge amount….any thing more is to much…what’s the point not to even use it! Just to show off?? Sorry but no!!! My life needs to make sense, the day of our last breath, we can’t take the material things with us!! We will all be at the same or poor!!! I am very lucky to have a lot a beautiful jewelry that I enjoy tremendously, wearing them every day, to mamy and not enough days, to wear it all….I have no children, where is it all going to go?!!!!