Online Shopping Guide: Strategies for Success

While nothing can replace the hands-on experience of browsing your local (or not-so-local) store, the fact is that most shopping is now done online.  Changing shopping habits and store sale policies, along with never-ending quests for the best possible price, have pushed many consumers to the internet. (Read: Department Stores are Damaging Handbag Sales, Amazon Prime Wardrobe: An Online Shopping Revolution?) Bargains abound on the web and we’ve found some tricks to help you catch the best deals out there.

1. How to Track Lowest Online Price

Overwhelmed by the dozens of websites selling the same item? Invisible-Hand is a download that can track the price of that attractive item you’ve been eyeing. The extension allows you to see if the item is less expensive on a competing website.

Courtesy of Italia Living

Courtesy of Italia Living

2. Talk to a Representative

You know the sidebar on most websites that offers an instant messaging conversation with a representative? Use it! The internet sometimes isn’t that different from the flea markets of past times…you’re allowed to negotiate. There’s no harm in asking for a lower price,and more likely than not they will give you a secret discount.


Gucci readily available online at most sites like Bergdorf Goodman. Photo from @by_md

3. Tempt the Company with a Full Cart

You’d be surprised by how much of our private decision-making at the checkout button can reach the ears of fashion companies. If you abandon a full shopping cart on a retail website, you could get an email from the retailer offering you a discount. Kate Spade allegedly once gave a customer a 15% discount after they left a full cart at the checkout page. So fill the cart and walk away . . . for awhile.  It may also curb your impulse buying, a side benefit.

4. Use Social Media

Use social media to track sales and discounts at your favorite retailers. Lord & Taylor sends customers who have signed up for information on discounts texts containing discount codes. Email and text alerts can also be extremely useful when hoping to shop on a budget.



5. Multiply Yourself

Oftentimes, making an account on a retailer website gets you an immediate discount just for signing up. This is a case of the more the merrier. Why not make multiple accounts using different emails. This clever trick will give you cache of sufficient coupons to use at your leisure.



While I myself will probably always choose a walk down the great avenues of the world, lined with the glittering signs and stores of my favorite brands, online shopping is important to understand. Who knew there were so many easy ways to save money?

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