The Top 10 Handbag Articles of 2022

As 2022 comes to a (frigid) close, it’s time for the annual PurseBop look-back at the articles most read by our community. Perhaps it’s no surprise that our top ten lean heavily into favorite brands, Hermès and Chanel. In fact, seven pieces discuss Hermès and three address Chanel.

Chanel versus Hermes handbags

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From new bags to pricing to advice on how to purchase, we covered it all. And just in case you missed anything, or want a refresher, below are the articles readers deemed the most popular.

Here are the New Chanel Prices in Europe August 2022

PurseBop was among the first to explore the effect of euro and dollar parity on handbag shopping in Europe. Americans seemingly stampeded overseas for 2022 summer vacations turned into shopping sprees, as many took advantage of the strong US dollar. From that, it was only a matter of time before prices in Europe ascended, lessening the shopping advantage, but also hurting Europeans shopping in their home countries.

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Customers standing in long line in front of Chanel Flagship store in Paris

What’s Really Going On With Chanel Prices

Not all of Chanel’s pricing issues, however, related to currency exchanges. In this article, we explore how the brand’s marketing strategy and long-term goals affect the handbag prices.

What's going on with Chanel Pricing | gray caviar chanel flap bag

Hermès Kelly Prices Guide 2022

Hermès Kelly lovers united over this article laying out current pricing in both the United States and Europe. Covering sizes from the Mini Kelly to Kelly 35, whether Retourné or Sellier, Togo or Epsom or something else, this guide lets you know just how much that Kelly costs, assuming you can get it.

Hermes Kelly bag Pricing | shopping for hermes mini kelly

Deep Dive Investigation Into the Popularity & Values of the Hermès Mini Kelly

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the continued popularity of the smallest of Hermès’ Kelly offerings- the Mini Kelly. A different kind of handbag math exposed the cost per square inch. And you thought rent is high!

Guess the price of a mini kelly bag | heremes kelly 20 bag

Buying a Chanel Classic Flap at the Flagship in Paris and the Savings

Readers also enjoyed an inside look at shopping in the Chanel Paris flagship at 31 Rue Cambon. As the then new 22B collection dropped, our intrepid reporter waited in lines and persevered in shopping, taking us through the experience. Best of all (for her, anyway) she shared just how much money she saved by shopping in Europe rather than the United States.
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how much can you save at chanel in Paris | Paris Chanel Rue Cambon

Hermès Introduces Five New Bags for Spring/Summer 2023

Hermès Introduces 6 New Handbags for Fall/Winter 2022

It’s clear that readers love an early look at upcoming Hermès handbags. Our top ten list includes articles discussing the new bags expected Fall/Winter 2022 and Spring/Summer 2023. We can’t wait to see what all of you want and get!

Hermes New Bags for Fall 2022 | Kelly Disorder Bag

Image Credit: @feel.the.looove

Hermes Spring 2023 New bags | Gold metallic mini kelly 20 bag

Image Credit: @thebaghag

6 Hermès Bags Under 6K- 2022 Edition

While awaiting the latest arrivals from Hermès (or wishlist and Special Order bags), we explored Hermès’ more affordable options. Despite common perceptions, there are at least six handbags retailing for under $6K.

6 Hermes Bags under $6k | Hermes shopping

Image Credit: @elmaalouf via @shamswomoon

My Hermès FSH Reveal & Paris Appointment System Experiences

Of course, Hermès handbag shopping in Paris only works if you can get an appointment. For all but a few VVIPs and lucky walk-ins, using the online appointment request form is the only way to shop bags – even non-quota bags. In this article, one lucky shopper shares her experience with the appointment system.

Hermes Paris Leather appointment system. | How to get a Birkin in Paris

Rumor or Fact: Hermès is Changing the Rules

Hermès rules and protocols go far beyond just getting a handbag appointment. In this piece, we explore the apparent changes in shopping at Hermès. Need an appointment just to shop? Limits on non-quota bags? Reserve lists for everything? It’s all in this article.

Hermes quota bag rules | Hermes leather appointment in Paris

Image Credit: @rinkys

Updated New Hermès Colors 2022

A perennial favorite topic caught everyone’s attention… the Hermès colors featured in the upcoming season. Shades aren’t always exactly “new” as in 2022 Aqua returned. Other new hues were cousins of known shades, such as the Mauve Pale take on Mauve Sylvestre. Soft and bold, as always, there’s a color for nearly every mood and ensemble.

New Hermes colors for 2022 | Mauve Pale, Vert Fizz, mushroom

American Couple Charged Nearly $30,000 for Failing to Declare Purchases Made in Paris

For anyone shopping for handbags (or other luxury goods) overseas, let this story be a cautionary tale. One to be read and reread and heeded. This American couple neglected to declare their designer purchases and not only were assessed $30,000 in fees and fines, but they lost their Trusted Traveler Status. Ouch.

American couple charged $30,000 for failing to delcare their luxury purchases including Hermes and Chanel

Image Credit:

Well, that’s a wrap for 2022 and the handbag articles you all loved. Tell us, which was your favorite. And what purchases did they inspire (or dissuade). We love your input.

Here’s wishing for a healthy, happy and handbag filled 2023!

Love, PurseBop

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