Springtime in Paris: Shoppers Paradise

Are you dreaming of springtime in Paris?

This is a story that will leave you mesmerized. It’s not a fictional story nor an imaginary fashionista, it’s the story of our very first BopTalk Celebrity…

Over the past few weeks here at PurseBop.com we’ve been investigating international price adjustments in the handbag market and the implications of a weakening euro for purchasers in Europe, the US and Asia. Right on time, the lovely “@dreamingofh” shared her own incredible shopping report at BopTalk of her conquests during her trip to Paris just this week. You’re going to swoon!

She roamed the streets of Paris, hopped between Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Galeries Lafayette and dined on the tastiest of croissants. She came away like a bandit, snagging five exquisite items at prices you won’t believe! Unless of course you’ve been following our coverage :) 


We interviewed her just before saying au revoir to Paris and, even in her jet lag haze . . .she was kind enough to share her receipts so we could do a little “handbag math”.  Similar to what we did with the WSJ article, we’ve pulled out the prices she paid and calculated her savings. In case you’re considering buying that ticket to Paris, this info might just make it worth it! What you are about to see will amaze you…

Hermes Clemence 32cm Kelly

US Equivalent$7,246

Hermes Collier de Chien

US Equivalent$1,061

Hermes Shawls

US Equivalent$1,005

Louis Vuitton Alma BB

US Equivalent$1,437

YSL Wallet on Chain

US Equivalent$1117

To further the point, let’s do a little more math together: if we add up the sum of each item’s savings in US dollars, you will see the total @dreamingofh saved by shopping in Paris versus here in the United States. And keep in mind we haven’t  even considered her VAT refund.

Luxury Items  USD Price USD Equivalent of Euro Prices Savings
 Hermes Kelly  $10,400  $7,246  $3,154
 Louis Vuitton Alba BB  $1,890  $1,437  $453
 YSL WOC  $1,490  $1,117  $373
 Hermes CDC  $1,275  $1,061  $214
 Hermes Scarf  $1,175  $1,005  $170
 Total Savings  $4,364

WOWZA, right!?  Now comes the fun part: We have created a platform for you to take your thoughts & dialogue and share them right here at PurseBop.com. Here are just a mere sampling of the responses rolling in from fellow Boppers at BopTalk:

Firstly wonderful to see you here dreamingofH, I just love your IG gallery and thanks for sharing with us your fabulous goodies with such gorgeous pics. Love everything! The LV alma BB is adorable. What a gorgeous color. The woc is so pretty and I just adore your new laduree charm. Have always loved their charms but this parisian gal design is so so cute. And of course your new Kelly is simply TDF and the perfect end to your paris trip. Congrats!!

Congratulations! Three amazing bags! I agree that FSH is bonkers at times. I only went one time and didnt bother returning. The pink YSL is TDF! I am smitten with that shade of pink. As for RC, As youknow, I always thought (and still do) that it was H’s best red.

Congratulations!! i am so so happy for you! what an amazing adventure in Paris, and the bags you got are divine! bisous! xo

CLICK HERE TO ENJOY HER FULL STORY AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION… she’ll literally take you on a magical trip to Paris…

A very special thanks to @dreamingofh for sharing her beautiful story and incredible REVEAL here at Boptalk! The rest of us shall live vicariously through you…

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Love PurseBop

Published: May 2nd, 2015
Updated: May 22nd, 2017

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2 Responses to “Springtime in Paris: Shoppers Paradise”

  • OMG look at those savings!!! the Kelly price difference between Paris and the US is shocking! What beautiful finds!!! Love it all and thank you Dreamingofh and Pursebop for this enlightening post. loved it…and all the eyecandy on it of course :)