Chapter 3: Taste of Laduree, Dash of Dior and a Full Serving of Chanel

We’re switching  up our Shopping Adventures in France series a little bit… This will be a mini picture story filled with reveals, three in particular, from the #pursebopsinFRANCE story, and this time, they’re all mine.

Follow @pursebop IG for details and keep checking this post throughout the weekend… I will present the story in three parts here.

Let me take you away to a sun kissed day at one of my favorite hideaways…

Part One: Taste of Laduree


Featured bag: Birkin 25 in Hermes Pink GHW (bubble gum/ barbie pink).



Do you spy the Laduree key charm?

Part Two: Dash of Dior…





Part Three: Full Serving of Chanel…

 12 (1)

Shall we pop the champagne before we reveal?

 13 (1)

Cheers to LIFE…

 11 (1)

The view from where I stand… gorgeous Chicago skyline in the distance.


 1 (1)

 14 (1)

 16 (1)

 15 (1)

 3 (1)

 4 (1)

DSC04761 - Version 2

 5 (1)

 6 (1)

 8 (1)


 7 (1)




to my right…


to my left…


I can  never tire seeing even a thousand sun sets…

Full narrative, prices and details to follow next very soon, PurseBop can’t stay quiet this long, LOL.

Wishing you a beautiful evening,
Love PurseBop

Published: October 10th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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4 Responses to “Chapter 3: Taste of Laduree, Dash of Dior and a Full Serving of Chanel”

  • That Laduree charm is soooooo cute ?!!! I love it! And it looks perfect on your Holy Grail B ?! What beautiful place and pictures! Can’t wait to see the Dior and CC reveals ? #exciting!!!❤️❤️???

  • Suuuuper cute Laduree charm: ✔️
    Suuuuper pretty Dior kicks: ✔️
    Awaiting CC mode on ??

  • OMG what a jewel ??? my heart started beating faster and faster with each layer of paper opened!!! And it wasn’t in vain ?? what a beauty she is?!!! Congrats love!! So happy for you ❤️❤️???