The Best of PurseBop 2016 – Part 2

The Best of PurseBop 2016 – Part 1

What were the most popular articles of the year?!

We shared 5 of the hottest features from 2016 in PART 1 of the Best of PurseBop. Now we’re back with the rest of the top 10. Review the best of the year below…

Get to know all about Goyard from history, bag highlights, comparisons, and prices in our detailed reference guide.

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This year, the vote for Brexit – the decision for the UK to leave the EU – came as quite a shock to the world. The vote had a wide range of political, social, and economic consequences, and since then the pound has severely weakened. PurseBop takes a close look at post-Brexit prices with extensive handbag math.

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Our PurseBop team member, Morgan (@storywithstyle), took us along on her trip to Paris this year. Read all about her journey for tips and tricks about how to navigate the city. See US vs. France price comparisons in her handbag math investigation.

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Naturally, the luxury market goes through many ups-and-downs. However, 2016 was particularly a year of struggle for the luxury industry. Read why many brands experienced a decline.

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This year especially, many of you emailed PurseBop and posted on BopTalk about your handbag size dilemmas. The trends for handbag sizes are always cyclical, and at any moment, mini or oversized bags could take the spotlight. Read why PurseBop advises you not to get rid of your larger bags just yet!

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Wishing everyone a Happy New Years!!

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Published: January 2nd, 2017
Updated: June 1st, 2017

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