The Chanel Poll – Tell Us Your Favorites!

We’ve been celebrating Chanel all week long, and here’s another activity to add to the fun! In Chanel 101, we gave you a detailed presentation of Chanel history and facts about all the classic bags.  Now that you’re a CC expert, it’s time to get you more involved and see what YOU think with a quick little poll. PurseBop truly cares about your bag preferences. Our latest polls have included a bag personality quiz and a this or that challenge. Today, inform us about your Chanel preferences and favorites so we can paint a broader picture of our community.

Feel free to answer any and all of the questions below. Ready for the Chanel Poll?!

*Note: the window will reload after you submit an answer for each question. To complete all the questions, simply scroll down again after the page has refreshed.

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Pick a Classic

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Favorite Size

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Classic Flap


Boy Bag

Leather Preference

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Caviar vs. Lambskin vs. Calfskin Comparison from @addictedtolovenmacarons


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Rate Your Obsession

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Published: June 17th, 2016
Updated: July 12th, 2020

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17 Responses to “The Chanel Poll – Tell Us Your Favorites!”

  • Done ???? But my case on the last question would be: TOTALLY OBSESSED, though I only owe 1 bag ????❤️????????????

  • “I owe at least one bag.” HA! This is a funny typo.

    These surveys are fun, but the lack of professional UI for the surveys is very annoying.

  • I know right! Sometimes we can explain our exact situation ????????????????????

  • some things never change… I was about to write “there should be a option in the last question saying- TOTALLY OBSESSED but no $$ to fulfill my CC craving”… and then saw I practically already said this on the last time I took the poll hahaha

  • Totally Obsessed!!!✨????????❤️Almost all of my answers coincided with popular answers????????

  • i bought my first bag last year and was disappointed that the store switched the bag on me. I picked up a Mini square flap in black caviar that said made in France. But when i came home from Europe, it realized the one they package up for me said made in Italy. It made me sick… but I still want another Chanel. I might sell of the mini square if and when i buy a new Chanel.

  • love coming back to this poll to see so many perfect CC´s in the same place :)

  • Love doing those, still don’t own one ????????but so nice to look at them. I really love lamskin leather, but the SA showed me how much the leather scratches, and my heart sinked, so it’s such a beautiful leather but I feel like I should buy caviar and somewhere it doesn’t seem right ????But lambskin has always been my favorite leather and even in shoes you barely find them and even if you spend a fortune on them…why paying a $1000 for a pair of shoes and they hurt??! Opps didn’t mean to get of track…good job????????

  • oh I did and emailed. US Chanel gave me Paris email, but they didn’t reply. US Chanel wouldn’t do anything except send me a box because the box my bag came in was a bit too small. But the box was riped, obviously a used box.

  • I am so sorry I only saw your reply now. I am so very shocked that Chanel customer service let you down like this, there is absolutely no excuse for that, I wish I could make it better for you. I remember the days when higher end stores where my Mom used to shop (no brand Name) were absolutely top notch and every year for her birthday she would receive an orchid, I have been to a lot of brand Name stores now when countless times I find flaws in the service ????

  • Me heart Chanel! My goal: One time I was having lunch with my girls and this gorgeous stylish lady walks by and we were like wow, my friend who knows her said, “She only wears Chanel.” Well let me tell you is this is what I wish to be said about me one day