Quiz Time: What’s Your Bag Attitude?

Lately, PurseBop has been particularly interested in your bag preferences. It goes without saying that most of us really love bags! We can all appreciate the pursuit of art and fashion behind each bag. However, bags and the process of building our collections means something different to each of us. We all have different senses of style, priorities, and budgets yet somehow we have still come together as a positive community. Bags are our point of commonality and shared love, but let’s take a moment to learn about our differences. In this feature, we want you to take a part in a fun quiz: “What’s Your Bag Attitude?” Below are a series of questions that are meant to help you compare and contrast your perspective on bags to other fashionistas. Don’t worry, your answers are completely anonymous, so fill in all the questions you are comfortable answering truthfully and genuinely. Most importantly, have fun and get to know a little bit about your own bag attitude too! Similarly to the “this or that” bag shopping quiz, we hope to analyze the results and understand the specific reasons behind our love for bags.

*Note: the window will reload after you submit an answer for each question. To complete all the questions, simply scroll down again after the page has refreshed.

Question #1 – Bag Care

Question #2 – Color



Question #3 – Type

Question #4 – Carrying Method



Question #5 – What’s in Your Bag?

Question #6  – Most Important Feature

Question #7 – Holy Grail Bag



Question #8 – Number of Bags

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Question #9 – Brands

See our Luxury Hierarchy to get an idea of what brands fall into each tier!

Question #10 – Most Expensive Bag



Did this quiz help you understand a little more about your bag personality? Look out for future polls as well as the results to this study!

SEE RESULTS HERE:  Summing Up Our Bag Attitudes 

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Published: May 28th, 2016
Updated: November 10th, 2019

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2 Responses to “Quiz Time: What’s Your Bag Attitude?”

  • I love your quiz, but let’s not forget something important: at least for me haha.. Unfortunately I can’t afford a Chanel and even less an Hermès, if I could believe me I would own a few, so sometimes it is not a matter of choice! In the mid-time, I have both totes and smaller shoulder bag, but when I am out, I am out all afternoon and I need a bigger bag with space for water bottle and all…and I really don’t go out in the evening, so I have beautiful smaller bags that I even forget I have…

  • Love your page and admire your dedication ???? Thank you ????????????????