The Craie-ziness of Hermès Resale

Move over Chai. There’s another winner in the Hermès color wheel… and this one is paying big.

Soft, creamy, lightly toasted beige Chai recently won the PurseBop poll of best new Hermès 2022 color. It’s a stunner anyway you look at it. So its domination in the contest (43% of you chose Chai) perhaps is no surprise. However, a different shade tops the secondary market charts.

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That color is Craie. Or, in English, Chalk. Actually, it sounds better in French (lol).

Craie Togo Birkin 25 via @el4bz

In the luxury resale market right now, Craie demands some of the highest premiums. That means buyers are willing to pay more for Craie than equivalent bags in other colors, even Black and Gold. So, for example, on the FASHIONPHILE website, an “excellent” condition Togo B30 in Craie with GHW is listed for $29,980. Comparable Birkins in Black and Gold list at $28,060 and 27,995, respectively, or about $2,000 less.

Not to be outdone, Hermès’s alternative creamy light neutral Nata attracts some higher price points as well. “Nata” is the Spanish word for cream, which certainly makes sense given its yellow or cream undertone. This 2019 shade is proving quite popular among Hermès fans and also garners a hefty premium in the secondary market. 


Birkin Sellier 25 Epsom @pursebop

On FASHIONPHILE, a “giftable” Epsom B25 in Nata lists at $35,995. Compare that to its Gold Madame Calfskin Sellier and Black Epsom sisters at $29,665 and 29,995, respectively.

The popularity of these two off-white hues suggests a desire for lightness… if not in weight then in color. Perceived as less dangerous or delicate than white, versions of cream suggest a heartiness. Or at least an ability to camouflage marks a bit better. 


Regarding the difference between Craie and Nata, the former tilts toward greige (grayish beige) while the latter has a warmer creamy undertone.

When comparing Craie and Nata it’s important to note the distinctive difference in the beeswax color that seals the edges. As you can see, the edges on the Craie have a soft, almost tone on tone finish. In contrast, Nata has a much darker color trimming the outlines.

The difference is both subtle and noticeable. Truthfully, you cannot go wrong with either.

Photo courtesy L’ecrin Boutique Tokyo.

Now shall we take a closer look at some Craie versus Nata options… which shade is your preference?

Tell us in the comments below.

Published: August 21st, 2022
Updated: August 23rd, 2022

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