The Hermes Kelly Strikes Again!

Not long ago, we here at PurseBop had the distinct privilege of meeting handbag aficionado @pursedreamz. Her passion for exquisite bags combined with her warmth and humility commands this exciting introduction to our community.

Even with many limited edition Chanel, Fendi and Dolce Gabbana treasures in her collection, there was still one craving left unsatisfied…

@pursedreamz shares the exciting reveal of her very first Kelly.

by  @PurseDreamz

After what seems to be the longest wait for the perfect Kelly, I can finally announce that she has arrived! I must admit my process was very long because I am so picky. Kelly bags are my favorite thing to stalk on instagram, so all the constant eye candy made me even pickier.

To preface my story, I just want to say that my SA has offered me many bags, but I knew I was waiting for something special. She called me into Hermes in the past to look at Constance bags, Kelly bags, and even Birkins, but I just couldn’t bite.

Last Friday, I got a another call from my SA and expected the same routine. We chatted for a bit, but I assumed this new bag wouldn’t be what I was looking for. After a little bit of convincing, she promised me it would be worth it to drop in and see what she had for me. I reluctantly agreed and set up an appointment for the following day. I can’t describe how I felt – anxious, excited, but still trying not to get my hopes up too much.

I walked into the store and was welcomed with so much love, hugs and warm greetings. Since moving to a city in California where there are no Hermes stores close by, it had been an entire year since I had seen anyone in the store. Walking back into such a warm environment was honestly one of the best parts of my experience.

We quietly headed to a private area of the store to avoid other shoppers on the hunt for Birkin and Kelly bags (other Hermes shoppers will know exactly what I mean!)

My SA brought out the beautiful, bright orange box that we’ve all come to love. Let me just tell you, my heart started beating rapidly, and I was hoping all of this emotional workup wouldn’t lead to another disappointment. My SA slowly unwrapped the box and continued to promise me that I would love what was inside. I saw the color peeking out of the top, and I was already more hopeful – it was a color very similar to a Kelly Wallet I already own, so this was a big plus! Once my SA fully unwrapped the bag, the gold hardware instantly mesmerized me.

Before I continue on, here are her lovely details:

  • Bag: Hermes Kelly
  • Style: Retourne
  • Size: 32 cm
  • Leather: Epsom
  • Color:
    • Exterior: Bouganevillia

    • Interior: Anemone

The manager told me she specifically designed this Kelly bag herself with me in mind. My head was spinning. Am I dreaming? Is this bag really being offered to me right now? I brought my Kelly wallet and Birkin in Rose Jaipur along with me into the store for comparison references. However, this Special Order, two-toned Kelly simply can’t be compared to anything I own!


The Hermes Crew with some of my favorite recent treasures from Dolce & Gabbana too.

I have found that the ladies at Hermes have always been so kind to me. I am so thankful to be offered beautiful bags in very coveted colors. Perhaps the Hermes Gods are rewarding me for my passion and extensive work in third world countries. Perhaps they strive to make me happy because ‘making a difference’ is what truly gives me happiness. I want to give a huge thanks to my Hermes SA for always being so gracious.

I also want to thank PurseBop for allowing me to share my story and for creating this loving community of like minded fashionistas we call our PurseBop family. It is the #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy movement on @pursebop & @boptalk that truly inspired my search for the perfect Kelly. I encourage all of you to share your bags and give us all even more temptation!

For now, I’ll be waiting until the next beauty comes my way….

A few dress up pictures…

Published: October 18th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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