Too Late to Buy a Summer Bag or Too Early For Fall? What to Purchase Now

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It’s that awkward time of the summer when thoughts of fall are flooding in. Whether it’s getting ready for back to school, seeing Halloween displays, and the imminent return of pumpkin spice lattes, there are constant reminders that the seasons will soon change. Perhaps a chill in the evening air. The shortening of daylight hours. All hints of the new season approaching. And when it comes to shopping, much of the summer clothing is on sale, and the new merchandise labeled fall. 

For anyone itching for a new handbag, it raises an interesting question, especially if you live with weather-fluctuating seasons. Do I buy a bag for summer? Or should I get one for fall? Is it time to commit back to black, or other dark colors?

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To be fair, it’s the same dilemma faced with one’s wardrobe. Even as Labor Day fades into the background, the outdoor temperatures remain warm for a while. And yet, it can feel too late for linen, too early for cashmere. 

So, what’s a bag lover to do? Why not find something that works for both… Whether it’s the bag style, material, or color, there are options. 

Natural Fibers Not Unnatural in Fall

Let’s start with the most classic of the summer vibe bags, those made of woven natural fibers like wicker, raffia, straw, and jute. Admittedly these seem the most seasonally limited since they practically scream summer, particularly when styled as a basket or beachy tote. 

However, when you add structure and fine leather, some of these bags can make the shift to fall. We daresay no one will criticize you for carrying the ultimate wicker bag – the Hermès Picnic, whether Kelly or Birkin – into the autumnal season, particularly when it includes barenia or black leather. Admittedly, white, yellow, or pink leather hints more of the summer. But given the difficulty of obtaining a Hermès Picnic (or, for that matter any Hermès bag), buy it whenever you can!


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Beyond Hermès though, if you’re committed to a natural fiber bag, Dior has versions that easily transition to early fall. Indeed, Dior is releasing its wicker CD Signature Vanity Case for fall 2023. With black leather trim and strap, it works now and later.

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Similarly, consider Dior’s wicker Lady Dior. The blue oblique jacquard print lining and strap are seasonless and always appropriate. 

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Or consider Dior’s complement of natural cannage raffia bags. The beige hue is always in style. And you can choose between many styles, from the Book Tote to the Lady D-Lite.

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And there’s that Chanel 22 version coming out in metallic leather macrame. True, it’s not wicker, but it does have that woven vibe . . . and it’s in the Chanel 2023 pre-fall collection. Put another way, it’s perfect for August-September. 


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Mini Chanel 22 in metallic calfskin macrame $8100. Other color ways available. . Image courtesy:

Tote-ally Appropriate

Style-wise, a tote always works. Whether Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, or whatever your favorite luxury brand, a two-handled open top bag takes you from the beach, to school, to work, the playground, and everything in between. It can be slouchy or structured, in whatever color you prefer (more on that later). As seen below, these bags come in leather, fabrics, and coated canvas, all perfect for any season.


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Do We Still Care About the YSL Icare

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However, if big – or should we say huge – is what you want, options abound. For example, the YSL Icare that we have written about comes in black leather and beige suede. And on the way for November is a raffia version. Admittedly for the the cruise/spring season, could YSL be hinting that natural fibers are just fine for winter? Just a thought.

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Spin the Color Wheel

Remember the old adage about not wearing white after Labor Day? Yeah, well, forget it. We were never big believers in that anyway. Winter white anyone? More important than the color is the fabric weight. Gauzy linen screams summer, but denim, wool, cashmere, and so on, don’t. 

But even if you hang up the white outfits, the “rule” just doesn’t apply to handbags. White winter coats (as distinguished from winter white lol) are all the rage – including at Hermès. All you need to do it match it to your bag. Alternatively carry a white purse with your black ensemble for a color blocking look. Just be careful about color transfer and dirt. 

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There’s also no need to shy away from black bags. Let’s not forget that our PurseBop recently purchased the Chanel 22 in black with pearls during the height of summer season. And Celine’s Teen Triomphe in black box leather has been flying off shelves. 


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Similarly, you can pretty much make any color bag work. In the everlasting debate over neutral or color pop bags, both win! When it comes to using your handbag to provide that pop of color, the shades are largely seasonless. 

Adding to that, as Barbie-mania rages, hot pink continues its popularity run. The pink passion commenced back in Fall 2022 (perhaps with Valentino’s PP collection), in anticipation of the upcoming movie. And it was in December 2022 that Pantone named Viva Magenta the color of 2023. In any event, pink is never really out of vogue . . . Bottom line, the right bag color is whatever loud (or soft) color you love. 


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So, as the days of August tick by, tell us what handbags you are shopping for now? Do you select and carry bags according to season? Why or why not?

Love, PurseBop

Published: August 11th, 2023
Updated: August 11th, 2023

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