Top 10 Backpacks to Carry You Into 2018

PurseBop'sTop 10 Backpacks to Carry You into 2018

Dear PurseBop Family,

We hope you’ve had a warm, cozy and family-filled holiday season with plenty of fashion friendly gifts. (We know we did!) Although the holidays are just about over, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some last minute end-of-the-year shopping!

If you’re seeking something extra special—and unique—to carry you into the new year, look no further than these 10 backpacks that PurseBop has curated for you. Backpacks, as I’m sure you’ve seen on IG and celebrities, are having a major moment. (Read YAY or NAY: Mini Backpacks?) They’re convenient, comfortable, stylish and reminiscent of our school days. And who doesn’t love a little in-vogue nostalgia? Keep scrolling to find out PurseBop’s picks! We think you might love them.

*Just so you know, these bags are in no particular order! For more info on the bags, click their pictures or titles.

Louis Vuitton

Untitled design (2)

Now that you’ve seen all ten, what are your thoughts? Is there one, or two, you’d like to carry around more than the rest? Or are you still NAY on fashionista backpacks? (And do tell us—how do you carry your backpacks? With one straps or two?) Give us all the details below!

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Published: December 29th, 2017
Updated: December 30th, 2017

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