The Top 10 Bags We’ve Been Seeing on Instagram Lately

While big fashion outlets like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar do a fine job at reporting the newest trends and runway releases, PurseBop often finds herself more reliant on our Instagram community to find out what truly is the latest and greatest. Over the years, our Instagram accounts @PurseBop and @BopTalk have grown tremendously. We also just want to add that our little family of like-minded fashionistas has great taste and our feed is constantly full of style inspiration, so please keep up the good work!

Today, we’re sharing the top 10 bags (in no particular order) that have been catching our attention on Instagram lately. We’ve calculated these picks based off factors such as the number of sightings in our tagged photos, hashtags, and homepage recommendations. We can use this short list as a case study to understand some of our community’s preferences and loves. It’s always interesting to think about how popular bags go through their runs, and then something else pops up on the scene. Compare this list to what you may have seen on Instagram a couple of months ago and think about how the list could change even just a short period from now!

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Hermès Evelyne

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The Evelyne bag is a regular in the Hermès’ collection and by no means an “it” bag that would go out of style anytime soon. We’ve just been seeing her more and more on our instagram feed. Perhaps this is due to the summer and travel season. The Evelyne makes the perfect on-the-go bag and is naturally a crowd favorite!

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Gucci Marmont

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We remember when we first started hearing the buzz about the Gucci Marmont bag around this time last year. The momentum has yet to stop, and it almost seems like pictures of the Marmont are at an all-time high right now. Everyone is loving Gucci, but hopefully Alessandro Michele can keep us fascinated (Read: Is Gucci Getting Too Repetitive?). 

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Anything Louis Vuitton x Supreme

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Even before LV x Supreme launched in stores, people were dying to get their hands on this collection. The desire amplified even more once Louis Vuitton announced they would be closing pop-up stores and cancelling the collection. Alas, the hype over LV x Supreme has not died down and we are seeing bags, accessories, and clothing all over Instagram from the coveted few who were able to snag these special pieces.

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Dior J'Adior

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The chic and sleek J’ADIOR collection is having its moment on social media. We’ve been seeing everything from the clutches to the shoulder bags on Instagram, and we’re simply loving it!

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Chanel Mini

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The Chanel Mini…an oldie, but a goodie. We probably see so much of this bag because its practical, and honestly a must-have in any collection.

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Hermès Constance

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Much like the Chanel Mini, the Hermès Constance bag has a traditional appeal that is undeniable. The Constance is one of Hermès’ most exclusive bags, and many collectors seem to be in the race to snag it.

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Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

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The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis is one of LV’s more classic bags as well. You can easily tote the Pochette Metis anywhere as it has so many convenient features such as a crossbody strap and ample pockets. Fashionistas on Instagram are proud to show off this handbag workhorse.

Lady Dior



The Lady Dior bag is so stately and regal. With its feminine grace, it is a picture perfect bag – naturally it makes sense why we see it all over our Instagram feed!

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Chanel Vanity Case

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The Chanel Vanity Case launched with the Chanel Airlines collection and became a topic of conversation from that very moment. This bag still gets a lot of appreciation on Instagram because the silhouette is so unique. It is a dreamy bag that completes the set for any Instagram photo shoot.

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Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack

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Louis Vuitton’s Palm Springs Mini backpack adds a level of flair and urban chicness to any look. Its tiny stature is simply adorable, so what’s not to photograph?!

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Which bags have you been loving the most lately? Also, remember we always love seeing your shots on your Instagram feed. Be sure to tag your pictures to #boptalk to be featured!

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Published: August 25th, 2017
Updated: August 25th, 2017

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