The Art of Bag Nesting as Seen in White Lotus Season 2

Did you binge watch HBO’s White Lotus Season 2 over the holidays? Thanks to Emmy-nominated costume designer Alex Bovaird, there’s plenty of bag eye candy. Among them are many from Louis Vuitton and even an Hermès bag on our 6 Hermès Bags Under $6K List.

While we are sad for the season to conclude – and will certainly miss all of the memes – we can’t help but wonder how the ladies packed all of their handbags. Was there some effective bag nesting a là PurseBop? Or just a lot of handlers?

Before the season is too far gone, let’s explore the handbag collections of Tanya and Daphne during their vacation in Sicily.

First up is billionaire heiress Tanya, a fan favorite, played by the inimitable Jennifer Coolidge. She carries a small pink Valentino chain bag during most of the episodes this season. Despite bringing many trunks and suitcases along for the trip, she actually didn’t use many bags. However, she did travel with $16,000 worth of luggage according to Certainly, she could have easily included many handbags in these trunks.

Image Credit: HBO Max

Image Credit: HBO Max

Second is Daphne, played by Megahnn Fahy. Without a doubt, Daphne displays the most handbags. She shows her love for Zimmerman dresses and Louis Vuitton throughout the show. Arriving with her own minimal luggage while her husband has no suitcase due to a transfer at the Rome airport, is Daphne buying new bags on this Sicilian trip? On the other hand, perhaps she is the reigning queen of bag nesting. Seriously, the number of handbags doesn’t match the capacity of her suitcases!

Image Credit: HBO MAX

By our calculations, she carries a total of nine different bags. And these are not mini bags, my friends. Here’s how she might have done it.

Confused about bag nesting? Here’s our PurseBop’s nesting guides:

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This is the breakdown of Daphne and Tanya’s purses in each episode

Episode One: Ciao

Image Credit: HBO Max

Image Credit: HBO Max

Tanya – Black and Gold bejeweled chain strap bag (Brand unidentified)

Episode 2: Italian Dream

Image Credit: HBO Max

Episode 3: Bull Elephants

Image Credit: HBO Max

Tanya- Round gold stud chain handbag (Brand Unidentified)

Image Credit: HBO Max

Episode 4: In the Sandbox

Image Credit: HBO Max

Tanya – Tory Burch T Monogram Jacquard bag

Tanya- Valentino Pink Logo chain bag (Repeat)

Tanya – Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Blue Suede Crossbody Bag (Repeat)

Episode 5: Amore

Image Credit: HBO Max

Daphne- Taupe leather bucket bag (Brand unidentified)

Daphne – Hermès Evelyne Gold GM (Repeat)

Tanya- Valentino Pink Logo chain bag (Repeat)

Image Credit: HBO Max

Tanya- Green rhinestone evening clutch  (Brand unidentified)

Episode 6: Abductions

Image Credit: HBO Max

Daphne- Louis Vuitton Monogram Raffia Neonoe MM Bucket bag (repeat)

Daphne- Louis Vuitton Mini Capucines in Ginger Yellow

Episode 7: Arrivederci

Image Credit: HBO Max

Image Credit: HBO Max

Daphne- Beach Tote (Brand unidentified)

Daphne- Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote Bag in Wild at Heart (Repeat)

Tanya- Valentino Pink Logo chain bag (Repeat)

Handbag Tally

Are you keeping count? No worries we did . . .

Tanya: 6 bags, 4 repeats

Daphne: 9 bags, 3 repeats

Whose handbag packing style is most like yours? How many bags would you have brought for this trip and which ones? Let us know in the comments!

Love, PurseBop


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Published: January 11th, 2023
Updated: January 13th, 2023

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