Nesting Bags: How To Travel With Handbags

When traveling is an integral part of your life, whether vacay or running the business world, and when handbags are your thing, you have to master The Art of Bag-Nesting!

The goal of Bag Nestingto take along as many bags as possible in the least amount of space, nesting one inside the other. The art is to learn which bags fit comfortably within one another.

Bag Nesting is by no means a new concept here at, we’ve been talking about it for ages! These new beauties deserve center stage and will serve as an educational case study as we prepare to head south for a few days.

Introducing PurseBops traveling team:

Hermes Jypsiere 28 in Blue Paon (read reveal here: Part III ~ Hermès FSH: The Struggle Is Real)

Hermes Birkin 30 in Orange Poppy (read reveal here: Chapter 10: The Grand Hermes Finale)

Chanel Boy Bag in Pink (read reveal here: The Juiciest Boy (bag) Ever)


The bright sun combined with the reflection off the snow, deeply saturated the colors of the traveling trio #nofilter.

Remember, the goal here is to take all three bags along, but in the least possible amount of space. I frequently make my initial travel bag selections based on ideal bag nesting.

Let’s start with the Jypsiere, I was delighted to discover that it very comfortably could carry a small boy bag (comfortably is a key word here)! 


Jypsiere 28 in Blue Paon, Clemence leather and Palladium hardware (read here: Hermès FSH: The Struggle Is Real)


Small Chanel Boy bag fits easily into a Hermes Jypsiere 28.


Next imagine to my delight to see that the Jypsiere 28 fits perfectly inside a Birkin 30. It was as though they were created specifically for our bag nesting! (fyi: with Hermes the number in the style name such as the ’30’ in ‘Birkin 30’ represents the width of the base, therefore it is logical that a Jypsiere 28 would fit in a Birkin 30 with that 2 cm difference)


About to place the Jypsiere in the Hermes Birkin 30. 

Voila, here you have it… the perfect example of bag nesting: 3 in 1 handbag carry all.


Birkin 30 in Orange Poppy, Togo leather and Gold hardware. (Read here: The Grand Hermes Finale).


3 in 1: Boy Bag inside a Jypsiere inside a Birkin!


Bonus: For air travel and protection thru TSA screening, I’m placing the Birkin 30 in my Goyard tote…

Read: Goyard Saint Louis – The Tote of All Totes and Grab & Go: The Goyard Reference Guide



Sharing some pictures of previous cases of mild and major Bag Nesting!


Check hashtag #whatsintheBIRKIN on Instagram for examples like this @pursebop


Check hashtag #whatsintheDELVAUX for examples like this on Instagram @pursebop


The Diorever in medium and Chanel mini bag.


Bag Nesting in the Diorever. Read here: The Reveal and Review


#whatsintheBIRKIN on @pursebop IG


Birkin 25 nesting inside Birkin 35


Chanel mini nesting inside an Hermes Kelly 32. Read here: It’s Time to Share What’s in YOUR Bag?!


Chanel Sparkle Beauty Bag mini inside Delvaux X ray @pursebop IG

 copy 4

Birkin 35 in Goyard GM tote. Read here: Goyard Saint Louis – The Tote of All Totes

Now that you’ve totally caught on to our concept of Bag Nesting, lets all share shots of the same!
Post your versions of Bag Nesting on BopTalk here and on IG with the hashtag #bagnesting so we can find you and share your pictures on our media platforms. Moreover, we all want to learn from your nesting ideas!

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Remember post your Bag Nesting pics here on BopTalk!
Tag @pursebop and use hashtag #bagnesting on IG so we can find you to share your ideas!

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Published: March 13th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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